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Monday, June 9, 2008

Now to Answer The Other Post

This was the other e-mail I got last night about my Chihuahua website. A question like this deserves an answer.

Why is it that your website can not be accessed by typing the site in on my address line? It can only be accessed through google. You also have 2 names for your site? T.G.'s and T.G.'s & K?What's with that?

Well, to answer question #1, this person probably tried to access the site by typing in "luvapuddy.net" which was a domain I stopped after Groucho died. I stopped it because I wanted to give up breeding chihuahuas. I didn't want to go through what I went through losing her again. So I quit breeding. Now, it's back to the tripod.com domain, which is longer, and I've updated my links on my other websites.

To answer question #2, about having 2 names, I called it T&KG's a long time ago, before Groucho died. I got that name from the initials of one of my more common screen names, Tim-Kirk Girl. Tim and Kirk were (back then) my 2 favorite men from INXS. After meeting Kirk 3 times, and being terribly disappointed in him, I decided I didn't like him anymore, and erased everything to do with him. Including his place in my kennel name. So, I shortened it to just TG's, or Tim-girl's. I still LOVE Timmy!!!!!

I haven't updated much of anything on that website because first of all, when I gave up my domain name, I also had to give up a lot of disk space! So, Tripod would not let me update anything unless I got rid of some of the items on the site that were taking up too much memory. I was only finally able to do that this past month or so. Second of all, the chihuahua site is kindof at the back of my list of things to do since I am no longer breeding. If you've met some of the breeders I have in the past, you would understand another reason why I decided to give up breeding. Though I think the loss of my Groucho was a great enough reason. I just didn't want to become like one of those preppy, snobby show-breeders I have had the agony of meeting in the past!!!

I would have e-mailed this person back as well, but I believe the e-mail address he gave me was a bogus one. I don't know, the screen name for the address was "johndoe", and it was addressed to one of those freebie e-mail sites. I could only speculate it was a bogus e-mail, so I didn't even try to answer this one. Besides, I sort of believe this person, and the person I wrote about last night (who sent the angry e-mail saying how horrible my website is) are the same person! And I still believe that one was one of the people of the delusionalfans forum. I knew they would try this now that I am no longer at inxs.com. It's a ploy to get my IP address, so they can track me all over the internet again.

Can you tell I have some serious issues with trusting people? hehe!!
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