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Friday, June 20, 2008

A Personal Challenge

I have decided this summer to walk every day. Both Odessa and I need to. We're both getting to be fat little cows! Yesterday we walked for what must have been about 2 miles. It was such a fun and interesting walk that I want to do it again today! I walked down a path I had never seen before, just because it looked interesting. For a long time on that path, there was nothing but trees and bushes. Now, back in Lakewood if there was a place like that I wouldn't ever consider walking there! In Lakewood, you don't know what to expect in areas like that, someone could jump you and there wouldn't be a house to run to to call the cops! But here there is no crime, and you can walk into a remote area and not worry about a thing!

Maybe, just maybe, I can also attempt to lose a little weight. Or at least if I am going to be fat maybe I can be a healthier fat person. Who knows? I only hope I can lose weight. I want to look better when I see Timmy the next time. Not that I expect him to fall head over heals over me! But I at least want to look better next time I see him. Then if I have another photo-op with him, it won't look like he's wrapping his arms around a big blob!! I also want to stick it in Kirk's face. He always ignores me, and I found out why. He doesn't like fat people. Well, he said they don't turn him on. But in truth, whenever I've met him, he seemed more to loathe fat people than simply just not be turned on by them. I always said that if I lose weight and I met Kirk again, I wasn't going to give him the time of day! The only reason (and I mean the ONLY reason) I am fat at all is because of the surgery I had. I had a hysterectomy, and the effect is the same as getting a dog or cat spayed, they slow down and bulk up. So do people. I got a little bit too comfortable then and discovered junk food. Well, I knew about junk food before, it's just I didn't have so much before then. I had a weakness for twinkies, but I only ate them very sparingly. I would have maybe one a week and that was it. I always loved chocolate!! But even that used to be a rare treat for me. When I had the surgery, I didn't have much to do for 6 weeks, my sisters and parents made sure I rested the whole time. That was when I started to take to junk foods. The only thing was, before the surgery I used to go hiking and mountain climbing a lot. So, it never showed that I enjoyed junk foods now and then. But I haven't been mountain climbing or hiking since the surgery, but I still was addicted to the junk foods. So, I just got fatter and fatter and fatter! Now, I'm as big as the side of a barn! I need to get back down again, I'm starting to notice I've been having some weight-related problems. Or I think they are weight-related!!! Been hearing for years obesity causes diabetes, heart attacks, stroke, shortness of breath, and some types of cancer. So far, the only thing I have been positively diagnosed with is my asthma is getting extremely flared up since I put on weight! So I want to lose some of this weight before anything else (and possibly something worse) happens.

Since Jon is having a baby this year, it may be a long time before INXS goes touring again. So, the next time they see me, I hope to be a completely reduced person.
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