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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Warning For MySpace Users!!!!

I want to take this moment to warn any MySpace users of a hacking device being circulated. I know this is Blogger, but my MySpace is set to private, and I am hoping the word of this will get out. I was shocked to learn recently that this site is still up and people are still using it.

There is a myspace tracker being advertised through safeprofile.com. You sign up for this account and they give you a one or two-line code to put in your MySpace page and it leaves you with a green box at the top of your page that says "I See You". DO NOT USE THIS TRACKER!!! I had this tracker on 2 of my last MySpace sites. It is not authorized by MySpace, and if you are caught with this tracker on your page, your MySpace account will be deleted with no warning!! I one day suddenly realized my pages were gone, and the one thing both pages had in common was that tracking device.

I was grateful I was able to save one of my friends from using this. I'd like to think I can save all my MySpace friends from going through what I went through losing my last MySpace pages. I had a lot of cool pics and posts on my last Timmy-Love Space, and all were lost! I was horrified! I blame safeprofile.com!
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