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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Anna Vs. Supervisor and Eva Vs. Dumbass Show Breeder

I just got a message from Anna today, I’ve been waiting to hear about some deep, dark secret about the person she called a supervisor. Earlier this month, Anna said that her supervisor was going to turn her in because he said she was being rude to the customers. He also reported that Anna has been hitting the customers with her bussing cart and we all knew that couldn’t be true. The woman hasn’t a mean, nasty bone in her body!!! And she found out that she was not the only one that supervisor had reported and told lies about! He’s done it to several other people too. Not only that, but he was also caught putting up a poster that read "women should work harder than men, instead of flirting with them." Male chauvinist!!!! And yes, he’s a PIG!!!!!!! That is discrimination against women and it’s a crime. So my sis turned him in and got his butt fired!!! Good for you Anna!!!! Don’t F*** with us dude!!! I thought there was something strange when Anna called a week ago and told me she was ready to quit and that her boss had turned her in because she was being rude. My sisters and I know Anna very damn well, and there is NO way she can be rude to anyone! The whole description is just so uncharacteristic of her!!! You should see how she is behind the wheel of a car. She’s not even an aggressive driver, whereas me I drive like a dang maniac!!

Well, I just thought I would post this here. Anna said she was so pissed off at him, she wanted to find him and beat the crap out of him. I told her no, don't even think that (don't worry, she would never do that! She just says it). I told her just be glad you won the battle. Hopefully he will learn not to treat women as if they are brainless, mindless objects now. Apparently he's been thinking that all his life or he wouldn't have even thought about putting up a dumb poster like that one!! And Anna wondered why he made her work extra hard the way he did.

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