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Friday, July 11, 2008

Love This Place!

Well heck I love living here! My neighbors are literally the animals. There is a doe who lives in the thickets out here behind our house. She seems to always have twin fawns every year. She had a set last year and this year she has another set of twins. They were born in the thickets out here and they pretty-much stay in this vicinity. It has been a while since I've seen them, last time I saw them the fawns were really tiny and had bright white spots. I just recently started seeing them again all the time and now their spots are fading. They're both about 6 weeks old. Anyway, I've been desiring getting a picture of them since I first saw them. Today I just happened to notice they were in my front yard and I grabbed my camera and pointed it, looking out the window, and started snapping. I caught them at the tail end of their feeding in my yard on some goldenrod bushes. They LOVE that stuff!!!! They took off right about when I started clicking. Anyway, here are the pictures that resulted! They look grainy because I snapped them through the window. I didn't want to go out there and make a lot of noise and scare them all away. You can click on each pic to see them full-sized.

Here's mama and the first baby.

Here comes the second fawn. He was standing right in front of our window!

Now that she has both babies back she heads off to other feeding grounds across the road.

There they go! You can barely see both fawns, our mail boxes are in the way.

Aside from these mule deer, we also have weasels, pheasants, rabbits, chicken hawks, I've even seen a coyote once! The ponds around here have otters, beaver and muskrats too, I've seen them all. A friend out here once said he saw a black bear, but I've never seen one. Hope I never do either!! Seeing the coyote was scary enough!! I'd fear for my dogs.

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