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Monday, July 28, 2008

Sandpipers Piping

Well, I did it. I took the dogs and walked back down to the ocean today. This time I took my camera with me. There was just one problem, there were too damn many people there today, there were not as many birds there today as there were on Friday when I went there. I knew I should have started bringing my camera with me!!!! Oh well. I got a few pics of some birds I managed to get close enough to to take some pics. I didn't see any terns today, nor did I see the dolphin gulls again. Just adult and juvenile western gulls. But I know what I saw on Friday were dolphin gulls!! The red beaks and legs gave that away! No other gull has both with the gray body and white head and mantle, with black wings and white eyes!! So I know what I saw!! I wish to GOD I had my camera with me on Friday!!

I got a few shots, not very good shots though. In order for me to get the really good close-up shots, I'd have to purchase about $2000 worth of digi-scoping equipment and I am not good enough in photography to invest that much in it!! That's the one art I have trouble with. But anyway, here is the pics I managed to take.

These were the group of little sandpipers piping in the surf.

Here's a closer view of them.

These are the curlews.

Here is an interesting pic of sea slime! hehe!

Vegas's little teeny paw on the right next to an enormous dog paw on the left.

This is a boat I caught going to Westport. You can barely see it way out there.

Well, some came out not too bad, but like I said they could have been a bit better, if I had better equipment and a better understanding of this hobby. But that's OK. Not all of us can be expert photographers. Personally, I think people like that are born, not made. I wish I could be like this one guy named Mehd H. that I met in a bird forum once. He took the most beautiful bird pics I ever seen in my life!! He had a damn good camera I bet to capture all the colors he did!! I wish I could do that but I cannot.

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