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Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekend Project

Well, I have a choice, I can either spend my weekend here or in Grayland, across the harbor. Someone is having a bit of a chihuahua match and I'd at least like to see it. Could be fun.

I'm getting OLD!!!!!!! Really!! I can't even turn my head anymore. When I do it creaks, like rusty old door-hinges! I think my body is out of that collagen. LOL! I worked a little more on my sculptures last night. I basically just smoothed out some rough edges on the one that I completed the night before and put a couple of others on a platform of sorts. They kept falling over and breaking, then I had to go and repair them. Fortunately this clay I work with is easy to repair. I think tonight I am going to create another. I have such fun doing these. It almost brings these animals I've been writing about for years to life. I like to do the animals from my Metazoic site. They're more exciting than today's animals. This one I completed the other night is a giant, groud-dwelling prosimian descended from today's bushbabies. I've been told my ideas are great, some are a little bit out there (some people have said) but most are likely to occur.

Though I am a firm believer in GOD, I also believe in evolution. Well, my ma is a mormon and she said that evolution and creation are the same thing. Of course, I thought that all along. Even on my Metazoic site, I said that GOD was the one who got the ball rolling, and adaptation and change took care of the rest. I still get hate letters from those who firmly believe in creation because I said that. But the biggest contradictors of the theory of creation are the dinosaurs. I look to them mostly. There are so many things about the dinosaurs that directly conflicts everything I ever learned about creation. Some examples are:

1. There is no mention of the dinosaur era anywhere in the Bible.
2. Before Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, the Bible says all was peaceful and there were no meat-eaters. But we know there were meat-eating dinosaurs.
3. The theory of creation would put dinosaurs and large mammals like mammoths in the same time frame. Yet, if you go to a place like Dinosaur National Monument, you won't find any mammoth, rhino or saber-toothed cat bones anywhere among the jumble of dinosaur bones.

How does one account for these? So far no one has been able to convince me of the theory of creation because of all this because these things have been proven.

Some people think the dinosaurs went extinct because of the Ice Age. But that is not so. The Ice Age as we know it, did not come until a good 60 million years after the dinosaurs were already extinct. So that could not have killed them. One guy named Robert Bakker said dinosaurs went extinct because of diseases picked up from their migrating habits, but I don't believe that either. I never did. Of course I believe he has a right to his own theory and I admire that, but I just have a hard time believing the one thing that wiped out an entire race of animals was the simple spread of disease. My problem with that theory was that dinosaurs were not the only creatures to die off at that one particular time, many sea creatures also died off. They couldn't catch the diseases dinosaurs did. The most believable theory of why the dinosaurs went extinct is an impact by a comet. I'll stick with that theory myself. Though we may never really know for sure, it is the one theory that has the most proof to back it up. Another man, Jack Horner (who I think was the inspiration for the character "Alan Grant" on Jurassic Park) believed simply that dinosaurs turned into birds. While I do believe dinosaurs turned into birds for sure, I don't think that was the only reason they are not here. Birds evolved during the Jurassic period, well before the end of the dinosaur era.

I kinda wonder if Bakker still believes that dinosaurs died of diseases? Or if he too has shifted the blame to the comet theory like everyone else? His disbelief came from the fact that frogs are still here today. In one program I have he compares frogs with elephants, he said a frog would freeze long before an elephant would if a comet were to strike the Earth today. So he said what does an elephant do that a frog doesn't? His answer was elephants spread. When they spread, they carry diseases that can be transmitted to other animals in another part of the world that didn't have natural immunities against those diseases. Personally, if he still believes that, I think the more appropriate question is what does a frog do that an elephant doesn't? The answer...Frogs go underground when times get tough. Elephants cannot do that. Besides the obvious fact that elephants are huge, they need to eat and eat and eat constantly and drink lots of water in order to survive. A frog, or an alligator, or a small mammal, can bury it's self and stay underground, not needing to eat or drink anything for as long as a year. Even 2 years in some cases. When Mount St. Helens blew up, every living creature within 6 miles of the mountain died. With the exception of one animal: gophers. Gophers were found within days after the eruption within the blast zone, and they survived because they were buried underground. Note the connection.

Last night I heard one man say we (humans) are the ending result of evolution. But I don't believe humans will be the "end-all" in evolution!! That's what my Metazoic site is there to introduce. As soon as I can get my behind going to make-up some more of those little flash movies, I can get the site finished!!!

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