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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Who Defines Beauty??

I was browsing other Blogger blogs and I found one that mentions this site called BeautifulPeople.com, and it's specifically for what the title says! They will not accept anyone as a member if they are ugly, and I must ask, who defines what is beautiful and what is ugly? How do they choose their members? Because what is ugly to one person may be gorgeous to another! Me, I only see the beauty on the inside. If there is beauty inside, then I don't care what a person is like on the outside! But in the case of some people, like Catsredrum, there is no beauty inside or outside!! If there is none on the inside I have no choice but to look at the outside. Anyway, it's all too political for me!

This is why I really did not like showing my chihuahuas and why I also object to beauty pageants! The politics of what is beautiful to one person and not so beautiful to another was just too much for me to bear!! I showed Odessa twice and that was enough. The first time we showed Odessa, the judge said she was not even going to give her a reserve for "lack of quality", those were her exact words! The next judge thought Odessa was great and she got a blue ribbon in that show. Many top chihuahua breeders have said Odessa is a beautiful specimen of a chihuahua. But it's like the saying goes, one man's meat is another man's garbage! What if I were to keep showing Odessa and then I get to the point where I need just that one little major to finish her? Then when I think I have it in the bag, she's dumped!! And another dog with not even a smidgen of Odessa's quality (and I have actually seen that happen!) wins out instead of her. I went to the specials once and there was a dog there that should not have even been there! I loved that dog a lot because it looked so much like my Groucho! But it only had a half a tail for a chihuahua! That's a serious fault! I don't know though, for all I know that dog may have lost it's tail in an accident. It happens. But still how it made it to the specials I will never know!

Anyway, I think that site is a little too degrading, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I personally don't think I'm that beautiful at all. But I've been told different more than once before! I even looked at some of their members and I can tell you I found a couple that I would not say were very attractive at all. But then that is my own personal taste. Real beauty should come from within! No one with any sense should look at how a person looks on the outside, unless their inside is so ugly (as in evil, like the people of the delusionalfans forum) you have no choice but to look at the outside!

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