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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dinosaurs That Survived

Well, I've heard lots of stories about how all dinosaurs died off 65 million years ago. It's true, the dinosaurs did die off. All except one group. The Dromaeosaurs, known as "raptors". I truly believe they survived the cataclysmic event that wiped out other dinosaurs. It has now been found that they had feathers, like modern birds. Thus they could have kept warm if it snowed in their world. Check out this article about them on Wikipedia. They could have become the so-called "Terror-birds" of the early Tertiary. Some early forms even had tail stubs that are much longer than they are in today's birds. They had to have come from the raptors of the Mesozoic. It's been said that Dromaeosaurs were so smart compared to other dinosaurs, that if they had survived, they may have even become what we are today. The dominant creatures of the Earth. I don't know about that personally, but I look at the raptors and what people have discovered they really were like, and I look at the Terror-birds, and I see the two have so much in common with each other. Terror-birds even have relatives around today. They are called seriemas, and they sort of resemble a miniature-version of the crane. But unlike cranes, you can even see they have the sickle-shaped claw on the foot that was found in all dromaeosaurs, it is likely the terror-birds had that feature too.

So when it is said that all the dinosaurs died-off and no new species emerged, that is BS. It is obvious that the raptors survived the extinction of the dinosaurs. They may not look like they used to, but they survived! And terror-birds were the top predators of their day, that is until the emergence of the first "proto-felines" emerged, which were not true felines. They were saber-toothed "cats" (family: Maschairodontidae). They actually branched off from the hyena family in the earliest days 5 million years ago. If you look at them closely, you will even see they resemble today's hyenas, in that their rear end is slightly lower than their front end. True felines have level backs.

I still favor lemurs. Lemurs have actually been around since the very last days of the dinosaurs. They were not the lemurs we know from Madagascar, but they were lemurs. One of the first was Adapis from Europe. Then there was the Omomyids of Europe, Asia and North America. They most likely resembled today's tree shrews, which were once thought to be primates, but now put in a class of their own.

Ya know, it's too bad at that that dinosaurs went extinct!! I am not as fascinated by today's mammal predators. It might have been kinda fun to see raptors at work capturing their prey.
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