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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Jon Farriss!!!!!

Happy Birthday Jon. I think it may already be the 10th in Oz, not sure, but whether it is or not, I just wanted to wish you a wonderful birthday!! Thank you so much for being the kind-natured man you are!! And good luck in becoming a father for the first time too!!!! I'm still very happy for you. :)

I do so love Jon! I love everything about him. His talent, his personality, his beautiful face, that Kerry is a lucky girl. Boy! I wonder how many other "Jonettes" have said that before me? I don't know the woman, but I envy her. In a good way of course. I used to know A Kerry from Oz, Melbourne to be exact. She was a sweet person. I don't think she's the same one though. I met her in the old INXS chatroom. I remember our road was rocky at first, but that was because of a stupid misunderstanding on my part. I had no idea "Simple Simon" was an INXS song at that time. When I asked her how long she'd been a fan, she mentioned that and I thought she was calling me names. LOL!! Yeah, dumb I know! I should have asked what she meant exactly by "Simple Simon". All that time I wasted thinking she was a rude person, when really she was not.

One night I remember she and a woman named Jan were frolicking with each other in the chatroom. I had no idea at the time they were best friends. I said Kerry was a rude person and Jan damn-nearly bit my head off!! If we had been standing in the same room with each other, she might have gone so far as to kill me!! That's what she sounded like anyway!! She attacked like a wolverine. After she left the chatroom, I began to feel bad because of the way I attacked back and for saying disrespectful things to her. That was when another poster calling herself "Brat" took me aside and told me I got the wrong ideas about Jan and Kerry. The real reason I attacked that night had nothing really to do with Jan or Kerry, I was simply having a bad day that day. I wasn't angry at them, I was angry at the one who made that day such a bad day. My ma! Long story there. Brat and I stayed up chatting for hours about various things. She was my comfort that night. It was due to her advice that I decided to confront my ma with my problem and not take it out on anyone in the chatroom anymore. So I did. After that, from that day on, my mission was to get back in the chatroom with both of them and apologize for being such a disrespectful ass! I finally did. Kerry was very sweet about it, Jan well she was a little indifferent. Jan, BTW, was a friend of Michael's, and he wrote the song "Jan's Song" for her. But anyway, I felt better. I always wanted to hear that song, I never had. I wanted to see exactly what kind of a song Michael would write for a woman like that. In 2005, I finally heard it. Not bad. As for Kerry, she did turn out to be as sweet a person as everyone said she was.

Well, I don't think Jon married the same Kerry I speak of but that came to mind as I was writing this. As for Brat, I wonder what ever happened to her? Last I heard from someone who knew her, she moved from Canada to Australia and married the man who called himself "Kick" in the chatroom. He and I used to be friends because he called himself "Kick" and I called myself "Kick87". At first I wanted to take the name "Kick" myself because it was my favorite INXS album, but then everyone told me the name "Kick" was already taken, so I settled for "Kick87". That became my nickname for the whole time I was in that chatroom. Until I took the name "Bambi" after a dog that belonged to my cousins. The name "Bambi" angered everyone though. Back then I was a sweet, innocent young thing, who got along with everybody!! Had lots of chatroom friends! But then again, those were the days before INXS fans started forming "cliques". I try to stay away from cliques. They're usually full of nothing but ass-kissers and followers. And if you say one little thing against what they believe in, you're then OUT of the clique. So I purposefully stay away from them. It may have made me the most hated person on the internet, but I'll worry about that when the fans that hate me start paying my bills, my rent, or my way into the INXS concerts. Until then, they can eat shit!!!

OOPS! I got sidetracked. I'm sorry Jon! This message went in all different directions that I didn't want it to! LOL!
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