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Sunday, August 17, 2008


I was watching Speeders tonight, it's a funny cop show. But one of the police men gave a woman a ticket for speeding. Her excuse was she was not used to the car she was driving. The police man said that that isn't really a good enough excuse. My question is Why?? I have that same problem every time I rent a new car. I don't know what it is, but it happens all the time with new cars. All cars have a steering wheel, speedometer and a gas pedal, but there is a strange phenomenon about new cars and owners. What feels like 60 in one car, feels like 25 in another. And I cannot always look at my speedometer. New cars, I don't know what it is, you can go 80 mph, and I swear it'll feel like 50! That's why I think the excuse of "I'm not used to this car" should be considered a legitimate excuse. Of course I am not saying all people should use that excuse, maybe the cop could ask the person to see the Bill of Sale too. If you're buying a used car, it's different. 60 feels like 60 in an older car. But in brand-spanking new cars I don't know why, but 60 feels more like 30.

Funny how I have felt like picking on George Bush today. I am surprised my lurker here has not retaliated against my analysis of that video she posted in the Obama thread on this blog. The video really didn't prove anything except that Obama would do a half-assed job as the president! Actually, that was proven in the article linked with that video. Obama's own representative said sometimes he says the pledge of allegiance and sometimes he doesn't. As the future president of the USA he should ALWAYS say it when he is supposed to! Well anyway, I put the link up in my response. Me, I don't want a president that is going to only do a half-assed job!! Take the message Obama!!! The only thing I like about the guy is that he promises to take care of the high gas prices and low economy. So does Dino Rossi, who definately has my vote!! But Obama's pledge, how do I know that isn't just a bunch of political BS? Many a politician has made promises that only last up to the time they get into office. As far as I know, Bush didn't even know about the high gas prices at all.

Really, I would make a better president than any of today's candidates!! I only wish Hillary was still running! This country would be different with a woman running it.

As for my day, I thought common houseflies were only supposed to live for 24 hours! LOL! I had one in this house that I think followed us all the way from Olympia, and for a week I could not get rid of the damn thing!!! Several times I have tried!! I would try to swat it with a newspaper and the little sneak would get away! And you think I'm lying! But I swear on my grandma's grave, when that fly got away, he would fly into my face and I'd swear I could hear him say "Ha-Ha!" I finally got rid of him, caught him on the window. He must have got out because I haven't seen him since. I just hate flies in the house!! I know they don't bite, but they do something just as bad, if not worse!! They puke up their last meal (usually animal droppings) on your food and countertops and stuff.
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