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Monday, August 4, 2008


Well, I don't know if this is all true or not, but according to a friend, someone on inxs.com said Tim Farriss will again be having surgery on his leg. I hope it's true!! If it is, then GREAT!!!! I am so glad he is finally taking care of that now. My prayers are with him, along with hugs, kisses and well-wishes!! The surgery is actually the easy part, the therapy is what is difficult. My ma had that same surgery a couple of months ago, and she is now going through therapy to re-learn how to walk. But Timmy is a strong man, I know he is! He will recover very soon. My prayers will remain with him in hopes he can swiftly recover.

As I was told, nobody is allowed to talk about the band's and their family's medical problems. I don't know who it was that reported Tim having surgery soon, but if it's true that .com has that rule now, I wonder how it was this person got away with mentioning it? Unless it was said by one of the site's favorite posters? I think sometimes the .com owners could really learn from Pluba. The owner of that forum is not a breeder, but it is a breeder's site. He has a manifesto that he goes by and when someone breaks it, they get banned. Yet it is a fair manifesto for all. He doesn't have any "favorite" members that can get away with just anything at all. Though one person who calls herself "radical", keeps getting banned and coming back and hardly anyone likes her, LOL!! I think she's a bit strange, but I gotta say though, I admire her grit and guts!!!!

Ya know I bet if I went back to inxs.com I'd find everyone there would hate my guts!!! hehe! Well, like I said I lost a lot of acquaintences when I announced that I don't like Kirk, and today I found out someone I used to think wanted to be friends with me actually does not want to anymore! Well, she was a Bittertears supporter! I think I saw this coming a long time ago. I lost a lot of acquaintences when her friends found out I didn't like her either. hehe!! Let's face it, I never got along good with people. Nothing can change that. I always got along better with animals, they are my real best friends. But animals don't judge you by your opinions or who you like or what you like. If you love them, they love you back. Few people have the capacity to do that. For example, I've heard this over and over, people say a person has a right to their own opinion. But how many people say that and actually mean it? So far, myself and only a handful of other people have, that I personally know of. Those people you can actually count on the fingers of one hand! That's why I put that little quote under my blog title now. And my grandma always said that if you make at least one good friend in your life, you are doing very well. I actually have several real good friends that aren't animals. hehe!! But most of them I'd known for many years. Some of them helped me temporarily get over my dislike for people.

Oh yes! As for Kirk, I got one more comment to throw into the "no" bucket. Someone who posted yesterday said that comment made on here was not by Kirk as his grammer is far better than what was posted in that comment. So that's 4 "no"s, 0 "yes"s. I left the comment up anyway, maybe someone else has something to add? Personally, I don't believe Kirk's grammar is better, but I would imagine he would not make as many typos as that individual made. Kirk seems to write in short-hand when I look at his diary. I never wrote to the man at all. I don't even have him in my MySpace friends, even though I know he has a MySpace. I never asked him to become one of my friends! I was never interested in adding him because by the time I found out he had his own MySpace page, I'd already made up my mind that I didn't like him at all!! I'm still not interested in adding him. Like I said before, I still believe the main reason he snuffed me was because he doesn't like fat people. I like Kirk's fans, I have a MySpace buddy who is a huge fan of his, and I still think his daughter is a beautiful young lady, but Kirk himself if he thinks what I think he thinks, he's not worth it anymore. But if it's any consolation to INXS, Kirk is the only band member I don't like. The rest of them, I adore!!! Especially Tim, and he still has my sincerest prayers with him as he goes in to surgery! If inxs.com doesn't like me talking about Timmy's medical problems, I am sorry, but if the man is going to be operated on, I'm going to want to send him well-wishes!! Anyone know where I can send flowers?? Does 1-800-flowers deliver to Australia?? I'm also going to want to know how he is doing.

Ah well, I wouldn't worry! He'll be back up and on his feet in no time flat!!

Edited to delete a certain comment that was so bad I even offended myself!! I've NEVER told another human being to "drop dead" and I hope I never do again! No matter how much I dislike someone, it was a comment so beneath me!
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