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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beverly Hills Chihuahuas

You know, nobody is going to believe this, but I was actually e-mailed a couple of years ago by a man named Michael who said he was training the dogs for this movie. Vegas was just a teeny little sprig at the time. Anyway, he sent me this picture of a very light cream, almost white, Taco Bell-looking chihuahua and asked me if I have any chihuahuas that looked like that. I looked at this dog in the pic, it was a female. I answered no. I don't breed chihuahuas that look like that. I bred chihuahuas that only fit the AKC standard, and that dog most certainly did not. But I did know someone who did breed chihuahuas like that, a woman who lived in Seabeck. Not to be mean, I was actually trying to help. He wrote back and thanked me saying he would contact that person I referred him to. I kinda wonder if she did help him. I haven't really been in touch with any breeders since just after Groucho died so I really have no idea.

I wish people would start using conformationally correct chihuahuas in movies and commercials! I mean, this is misleading!! People are going to start thinking chihuahuas are supposed to look like the Taco Bell dog, and that is not so! No chihuahua in any respectable breeder's program is going to look like anything you see in that movie. Yet people are going to see that and say "Oh I want a chihuahua just like that one in the movie!" and seek to find one. The only ones those people are likely to find that resembles those dogs are from irresponsible breeders and puppymills. Personally, if all chihuahuas did resemble the Taco Bell dog, or the dogs in this movie, I would never have got involved in them at all! One thing I always loved about chihuahuas was the baby-doll face, the saucy expression in the eyes and the teeny feet. All these characteristics are lacking in the Taco Bell specimen and the animals seen in this movie. Only to the untrained eyes do these dogs appear to have good conformation. But when you have been to as many shows as I have, and got to know as many breeders as I did, you can definitely see a difference!! And yes, before I learned what today's show breeders are like behind the scenes, I did have a lot of show breeder buds! Even though now I say I hate show breeders!! But that's because I've met too many who were like 'Truths Here' on the Pluba forum. Or like Rita Belle! But at least one good thing I could say about Rita, she sucks as a person! But she does have some lovely dogs!

I was surprised to see this movie in the theaters now! I thought it would only be out on video or DVD. Personally, I wouldn't see this movie. Not saying others shouldn't, but I would rather see a movie where the chihuahuas look a lot better than these! I'd have preferred an animated movie (with old fashioned animation, not Pixar-style) as opposed to this one!

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