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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I don't know which is worse or better. I've been hearing for years HSUS has the animals' best interests in mind, whereas PETA thinks more of themselves than the animals. I always used to think the HSUS was better, they still allow people to keep pets. I don't know about things like dog and cat shows, as it is really of no concern to me. Lately, I have been hearing some pretty bad things about the HSUS. I usually like watching shows like Animal Cops on Animal Planet when I get the chance to. I must correct one minor slip-up they made in last night's episode. Someone said they couldn't take their pet to the vet because they could not afford to. The HSUS rep said that having a dog is just like having a child, when it gets sick you have to take it to a vet. While I agree, my pets when they are ill, I sooner take them to a vet quicker than I would take myself to the hospital!! But having a dog is really NOT like having a child in that respect. If a child gets ill, there are all kinds of charitable hospitals that will take care of the child, regardless of whether or not the parents can pay them. There is no such vet as this. Those that do exist, are very few and VERY far between, and will usually not see your pet when you need them to. Most of the ones I've known of only open at certain times of the day. And, your dog or cat must be spayed or neutered. Which mine are. But it is still not comparable! So, if you are having those end-of-the-month money hassles, and say your dog is suddenly choking, or your cat suddenly fell off a ledge and is not moving yet is conscious, if that charity vet is not yet open, or if you haven't yet got your dog or cat spayed or neutered, you're screwed! With those kind of vets, even though they may be good, it's always you have to have a spayed/neutered pet, or you cannot come before 12 PM, or you have to live in a certain area of a county!

Most vets do not take payments, or even promisory notes. I've been lucky though. My vet got to know me so they always accept payment plans from me. Most charity vet hospitals are governed by the HSUS, so that is why your pet has to be spayed or neutered. I know the HSUS supports PETA, which is a sad thing. PETA is not out for the animals's best interests. They are only out for their own best interests! That's why I hate PETA!!! I can't think of a time I ever supported PETA!! All this BS they spew about how we should not be eating meat got sickening!! I've never been the type that appreciated someone else trying to foist their views on me, and that is exactly what PETA is trying to do to everyone!! I don't care how many of the rich and famous PETA gets to support them, I will never be among their supporters!! I know JD supports them and I can only hope some day he opens his eyes and sees that PETA is only using people like him to gain power. If PETA had their way, JD's dog Presley would be taken away from the comfort of his master's lap and released into the cold, cruel wild to fend for himself. Or taken to a dingy room, put into a cage and heartlessly destoryed by some murderous PETA jerk out to kill all pets to "save them" from their owners.

I heard in Canada, PETA is already stealing peoples' pets right out of their yards. Try and take my babies. See how far those dumb PETA jerks get!!!! I'll blast their butts with rock salt!! Maybe it's about time PETA became extinct. That's why I won't support any of their causes. I think their causes SUCK!! I'm going to continue eating meat, and if PETA doesn't like it, that's their own tough luck!! Their latest ploy is quite a hum-dinger! Now they want to stop Mexican immigrants from coming into the US. Their scheme is that if the Mexicans leave their native homeland, they will be leaving behind a healthy diet of beans and rice. I'm like "DUH!! Mexicans also eat meat!!" Just as people in this country do!! That's like a slap in the face to Mexican people from PETA! Like calling Mexicans "beaners"! Yes it bothers me because it is from PETA!! To think native Mexican people eat nothing but beans and rice is sheer stupidity!! My pa is native Mexican and he even taught me how to make chili!! GOOD chili! Like his ma (my grandma) made when he was a boy. With lots of meat. Good chili actually contains no beans, but sauce, seasoning and meat. It was actually the people of Texas that added beans. And no, beans don't always give you gas!! I never got gas from eating beans. hehe!!
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