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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Interesting Evolution Vid!

I had to post something positive now, this was an interesting vid someone posted somewhere else about evolution. It looks at 5 billion years of evolution in about 5 or 6 minutes. It is interesting to look at. I know I said I was going to keep the posts about evolution on my Metazoica blog, but this is a fun video that brings to life how all life forms on Earth got started and how we got here. Someone once told me that tails cannot re-evolve. Well, looking at this video, I say they can. At one point in this video, primates lost their tail and then re-evolved them, even for grasping tools. So, it can be done. Now I don't feel bad putting tails on my pteropods, who use them for balance when perching on branches. Pteropod relatives today have no tails at all, except for one or two species. The one species that has a long tail today lives in Indonesia and is not very numerous. IF it still exists at all. It is Notopteris, found mostly in the Fiji Islands. It is however threatened with habitat loss.

Of course my evolution project is speculative, as any future evolution project is, but I just know the animals of tomorrow will be far more advanced than they are today. That's just common sense thinking though. The problem is trying to figure out what paths in evolution modern animals will evolve to. I think I have some pretty good ideas going. I even have tiny lemurs that take the evolutionary path of flight. Well, not real flight, but pretty darn close to it! They evolved wing-like structures from their rib bones, and use them for flight. They can even fold them back like birds can with their wings. It's a strange adaptation, but certainly not implausible. There is a species of lizard in Borneo that has almost this same adaptation.

Well anyway, enjoy the vid!

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