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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Name A Species

There is a site that offers species names for sale. I like this idea for some reason, people get to have living, unnamed species named after themselves for a price. The price ranges from $600 up and the money goes to scientific research. I do this too with my checklist of mammals of the future, only I name species after people I like and know. It's free, and my friends are immortalized forever in the names of my animals. I even have species named after people I have not spoken to in years (no one since 2002 though). It's about time I made some more. It'd be awesome to have species named after my favorite men of INXS!! hehe! I have a species named after Dian Fossey. I didn't know her, but she was the biggest inspiration of my life. I also have species named after David Johnston and Harry Truman (both well-known figures if you know about Mount St. Helens), but I did know those people, and liked them. David Johnston, if he had survived the eruption of St. Helens, would no doubt by now be a world-renouned scientist! He was damn good at what he did! And he was a genuinely nice man. I gladly named one of my species (listed as Orochoreutes johnstoni) in his honor. I have one named after Harry Truman, but I cannot remember at the moment which one it was.

Though I know INXS are rock icons, it'd still be awesome to have some species on my checklist of mammals of the future named after them. Though I don't know about Beers! LOL! I kinda wonder if that really is his last name? If I named one after JD, I would have to use his real last name, Bennison. I can't use Fortune. Kirk, forget about him!!! I would never name anything for him!!! But I can definitely use Farriss! And I might even use Hutchence. hehe! Then there are also my Facebook buddies. IF they don't mind of course. Think of it as the highest honor a person can have to have a mammal of tomorrow named for them. hehe! Of course most of them like felines, of which there will be none in the Metazoic. The dominant predators of the metazoic are the deinognathids. But hey! When you compare modern large felines to tomorrow's large deinognathids, the deinognathids are more impressive! But really I have enough predators for tomorrow. I need more non-predators. Or smaller predators. It's an idea anyway. Of course those who want modern species named for them, they can pay the $600+ fee and have something of today named for them. Last time I looked, there were only mosquitoes. I think I'll pass, myself. I can't stand mosquitoes!! I don't want my name associated with an evil creature like that! But that's me.
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