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Monday, September 29, 2008

PETA Has Gone Mad!!

These PETA jerks have finally completely lost their minds! They are now urging Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream makers to use human breast milk instead of cow's milk. Would you seriously eat ice cream made from human breast milk? Before you answer, human's milk is not as rich and creamy as cow's milk. Human babies don't need to gain 400+ pounds in a year! Dairy is good in moderation (PETA never does any research!!). PETA states that cow's milk has been linked to diabetes and ovarian cancer, along with a lot of other maladies. NOT true!!!! Milk is actually quite healthful. Our babies are not meant to drink it, but we can as adults just fine with few side-effects. Well, maybe nothing except a case of lactose intolerance. But that can easily be fixed by eating acidophilus yogurt every day for a week. It worked for me!! Now I just simply enjoy regular dairy products. Especially ice cream. Unfortunately living here in Ocean Shores, it never really gets warm enough to enjoy it.

What I picture ice cream made with human breast milk to be like is think of very, very skim milk, and dilute it with water. There you will have the future of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, or ANY other ice cream that plans to follow PETA's rules. They've apparently got one restaurant to follow their code. Remind me never to eat there!!!! If you want to know the mentality of PETA supporters, one of the last posts I remember reading on the anti-PETA forum was one of the PETA jerks going into the PETA forum asking what she should do with her pubic hairs! She asked "Should I shave them off or not?" She thought her new boyfriend would be disgusted by them. That's not something someone should bring up on a public forum!! If a girl wants to know that, that is what parents, doctors and Planned Parenthood is for. Not a stupid PETA-supporting forum!!!!! I wouldn't trust their word anyway! PETA has always been wrong about meat being bad for us, why would anyone think they would be any more correct about shaving pubic hairs? Naturally, the anti-PETA people were poking fun at that individual. I was just stunned someone would discuss that on a public forum. The Anti-PETA people had a field day with that post!!

Well, I hope no ice cream company complies with PETA's requests! PETA thinks animals have more rights than people do. Not equal rights, but more rights. Cows were made to feed meat-eating animals. That is why their natural reproductive rate is so high. If these were wild cattle, they would be picked off naturally by wild dogs, hyenas and even wild felines. And yes, there are such things as wild cattle!! The people of the anti-PETA forum (who Pollock said most have college degrees in some form of zoological studies--which I actually find very hard to believe) said there is no such thing as wild cattle. But there is. Banteng, gaur, and yaks are ALL wild cattle. People of Asia have been taming yaks for centuries, but they still run wild as well. And they are cattle. They are within the genus "Bos", which is a genus of cattle. Many of these wild cattle are often eaten by predators. If nature intended this course of action in the wild, there is no reason why humans cannot benefit from it as well.

Anyway, anyone interested in reading this ridiculous article, plus the letter sent to Ben and Jerry's by one of the PETA jerks, here is the link: http://www.wptz.com/news/17539127/detail.html?taf=pla
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