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Friday, October 24, 2008

Late-Term Abortions: My Views

All this talk about Obama being all for late term abortions got me thinking. It is a very cruel act! I've seen some sites and stuff about late-term abortions, that is abortions that take place in the third trimester of pregnancy (in case you didn't know). IMO, that is when the baby first starts to develop a personality. I think it might even be aware of the world around it. In my eyes, aborting a baby this late in the pregnancy is nothing less than murder! There are some exceptions though. If the mother is ill, and being pregnant would mean the mother sacrificing her life in some way to keep that baby inside her, then by all means there should be an abortion (if the baby is too young to survive outside the body). I remember when I was about 10 years old, my pa told me about his ma getting very ill one time when she was expecting, and that baby had to be aborted or she was going to die. The baby was only 6 months along in it's development, and the way it was aborted was the doctor speared it with a sharp object. I remember when he told me that, I had nightmares about it for some time. It made me ill just to hear about it. Necessary I know it was, but still. And there are women out there who would rather do this to their unborn baby, even though they are healthy and the baby is healthy. And Obama is OK with this!!

I know the debate between Obama and McCain is a never-ending battle, and so is the morality of abortion. Some people are all for it while others are against it. I am very surprised Obama is all for this, since he himself is a love-child!! His mama chose life, then handed that life over to her parents to take care of!!! Lazy-ass wimp!!! But anyway, it makes me think. I was once almost raped back in 1990. I say "almost" because he tried to get me to go behind some bushes with him, but I would not do it. I was a tough adversary even back then!! LOL! But what if I had been forced to do it? Then got pregnant by that unknown assailant? Would I have wanted to have that baby?? I say YES!! I would definately have had that baby! I just would more likely not have kept it. There is a thing called adoption, and I'm sure someone else, not knowing the child was a product of rape, would have been able to give that baby a good life somewhere else. I don't know if I could have looked at that baby and not think of the person who would have raped me. But then again, I don't know. I'd never really know unless I was actually in that situation. But I do know I would have felt worse if I'd had an abortion to get rid of that child who may have become a decent person (not take after it's father, LOL!) and helped somebody somewhere do something. Anyway, I'd hope that it's adopted parents would have raised it to become that way. This is just speculative though.

I don't know though if I would really have associated that baby with the guy who would have raped me. That's not in my nature. I don't judge people by their siblings or friends (or I try not to), sometimes I do find myself thinking "if so-n-so is a friend of whosit, I'd better be careful!" But at the same time I do realize everyone has their own personalities, and their own minds. A lot of people just choose not to use either! But anyway, I may or may not have associated the man who would have raped me with that baby. I'm really not saying either now. But I would have rather chosen life than abortion.

I did some googling of sites that discuss late-term abortions, and the pictures are not pretty! I will not post any here because they are too gruesome! One site that has a lot of images was at this site: http://www.priestsforlife.org/resources/photosassorted/index.htm. But I warn you!! If you have weak constitutions, faint at the sight of human destruction, or are a hardcore Obama supporter, I advise you NOT to look!!! The images are very graphic!!
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