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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Modern Animation Industry

I've been at it a little bit with someone on the SE forum about modern animated characters. One person was comparing modern anime and manga to old fashioned cartoon styles. I don't personally think there is anything better about anime and manga. I mean, check out this site: http://www.animenation.com/. Those characters are UGLY!! And they have absolutely no expression or individuality at all!!! The cartoonists all they seem to do is change the eye color and the hair color of each individual, but other than that, they all look the same!! People in the real world don't all look the same. Not even in the old fashioned cartoons does everyone look the same. Manga I might admit does look a little bit better than anime style. I mean, I used to collect Batman comic books and I admit manga-style is a lot like that. I loved those comic books!! I had some real rarities too!!!! Recently, I even found Batman vol. 1! Now there's a rarity!! But people these days aren't paying jack for comic books!

Well, that's not the worst of modern animation. How about ugly characters like these:

Those are absolutely hiddeous!! I don't know what the creator of these was drinking when they made these characters up, but I want to find out so I don't ever touch the stuff!! I never seen anything as stupid-looking in my life as this ugly thing with those big, bulging eyes, banana-shaped nose and goofy teeth...

Why that doesn't scare today's kids I'll never know!! It sure would have scared me when I was a kid!! Sea sponges are not even supposed to have teeth or eyes. And they sure aren't shaped like a dish-washing sponge!!!! Ever seen one of those natural bath sponges? That is how a sea sponge is supposed to look. So in essence, this is what Spongebob should look like:

Oh and check out these bits of work:

Talk about freak city!! Ugly, bulging eyes, no hairline, not even a chin on any of those characters!! They have a little bit of individuality, some expression, but they are still UGLY!!!! And Bart is nothing more than disrespectful!! And his father Homer is in serious need of anger management therapy!! My pa was never that bad!! It's no wonder kids today are such losers! They see this stuff on tv, and they think it's funny so they try to emulate it in real life! My ma would have killed me if she caught me doing any of the things Bart does on the Simpsons!!! Even their animals are ugly...

The only reason I know that is a cat and a mouse is because they say so. However, I never did really figure out what these are:

Someone once told me the red, fat, dumpy one is a cat and the skinny one is a chihuahua. Well, I've been around chihuahuas for most of my life and I've never seen one that looks like that!! I think it's a goat!! Not a chihuahua!! My chis would be insulted by that thing!!! And that so-called "cat"? Nah!! That ain't no cat!!! I've seen cats before and they don't look like that either!! I think that's a bear!! It looks more like a bear than like a cat anyway!!
What happened to the days when animals in cartoons looked like what they are supposed to look like? At least a little bit! Some of these aren't even close!! I mean, look at Bugs Bunny. He looks at least a little bit like a rabbit. You can always tell that's what he is even without saying. He has big feet like a rabbit and a short nose like a rabbit, and long ears like a rabbit, even a cotton tail like a rabbit.

I think I know what Bugs would think of the shameful drawings of today's cartoons...

I may not keep up to date with the latest style of modern animation, as I really enjoy the old fashioned way better. But at least my drawings are cute, have expression, and individuality. A lot like the old Bugs Bunny/Warner Bros. cartoons.

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