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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oh no, what happened??

JD what happened? You look like either you are ill or have been working too hard. Or maybe you overdid it with the make-up? Either way, dude you need the rest!! You don't look so well.

I know he may see this and tell me to mind my own business, I'm just concerned about these purple circles around his eyes. I hope it's nothing more than just bad lighting or make up tricks, or maybe he just needs some sleep. I don't want to mention what circles like that can also mean, I want to keep this in a positive direction. And I wouldn't want to scare him or his fans. Either way, I hope he takes care of himself. And after I just named an animal on my checklist after him!! hehe! I did that this past week, I created some more critters for my list. I named 3 animals after the Farriss brothers (one for each), and one for JD, and one for Garry. I even named one for Michael!!!! Told ya I might!! I actually was not sure if I wanted to or not, but I did it anyway regardless of what I first thought. I even named some after my buds on Facebook. Consider it the highest form of flattery I can give!! Well, some of my Facebook friends anyway. There are a couple I don't know well enough to name anything after them, I'm not even sure we're really friends at all. I just keep a safe distance from them, see what happens. Though I do recall sending birthday greetings to them this year, but as I have learned over the years, that means nothing!! All I know about them is they are Switchboard fanatics. So, basically I just stay away and get to know them at a distance until I am positive they mean no harm. But I will not name anything after someone I hardly know and have never spoken to under friendly terms. IAGH!!

I even created a whole new genus of a rhinoceros-like hog. Creating new species for the future is FUN!!!! I get to use my mammology skills, as well as my imagination. Many of these mammals would look strange to us today, but they are tops in evolutionary standards. I put the checklist up on my website, I've been saying I was going to do that, and I finally got it mostly prepared this past week, and did it. I did notice a few little errors!!! I need to go in and fix them, and put the list back up again. But for the most part they are just minor errors. Nothing grossly inadequate. Later, I've been telling people, I am going to do a page for reptiles and invertebrates of the future. But those don't come until later on. I did a page on flightless birds, and it seems to be a hit. During this time period, flightless birds are going to be more common I figure, because bats will be taking over the skies. Especially pteropods as they are the most intelligent and could be the most adaptable.

As for reptiles I have a sea crocodile that has flippers instead of feet, and an arrow-shaped tail. It is basically the shark of the warm Metazoic oceans. Yes, I figure the world of tomorrow will be much warmer than it is today. For instance, the average year-round temp of Washington state in the Metazoic will most likely be 80 degrees. By then, this whole area will also be part of one big island. All of Washington, Oregon, California and Baja, California will separate from the rest of the USA. I call the island San Diego Is. Others call it Baja Island. I call it as I see it though. But that's not all the changes that will take place. The USA and South America will separate, making South America a huge island. Antarctica will become more temperate, Africa will slide into Europe, Australia will collide with Asia, the Hawaiian Islands will get bigger. Maybe instead of creating separate islands, they will mass together and create one big island. Half of Africa will also cut off, down the Nile River (known in the Metazoic as the Nile Channel). Anyway, there is a pic of the world tomorrow on my site. It shows everything. My site really is turning into a sort of online book of evolution, and I am currently at work on another group to put up. The checklist took all my time away these past couple of weeks so I haven't worked on any new families for my site since the armadillos. The only reason I worked on them is because of the episode of Jurassic Fight Club I saw that week. They were displaying an armored dinosaur called Gastonia, who has a chainsaw-like feature of the armor on it's tail. I saw that and thought "I have an armadillo listed in my book with that very same feature!" I called it Grammoclavia. It has both the chainsaw-like armor as well as the club at the end of the tail, so it has 2 offensive mechanisms to defend it's self against a predator. Funny, I thought up that animal back in 1995, LONG before I even heard of Gastonia. In fact, I hadn't even heard of Gastonia until I saw that episode of Jurassic Fight Club! Some people accuse me of my ideas not being scientific enough. Now, I have nothing against those people, but this proves exactly the contrary to what they say!!

Well as for JD, I heard he will be touring the World again on his own this time. I certainly want to wish him well. I don't know if he will be coming to this town but I don't know if I would want to travel all the way to Seattle to see him without INXS. Just ain't much fun without seeing Jon, Andrew, Garry and especially not any fun without Tim!!! Katrina might go see him, she thinks he's cute. If she does, hey! Have fun, hon!!!
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