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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pet Owning, A Thing of the Past

This is why I don't like either of this year's presidential candidates. Now I hear Obama is in with PETA and the HSUS. So that could mean, if you have a pet that you absolutely LOVE, you can kiss it goodbye if Obama gets elected. That goes for both dogs AND cats. If Obama gets into office, PETA will really be the ones having control over this country. I sure don't want that. We won't be allowed to eat meat or have dairy in our homes anymore, and I for one enjoy that. Maybe even that deal between PETA and Ben and Jerry's will become mandatory. If so, I'll never eat ice cream again!! But the one thing that bothers me the most is that we won't be allowed to have pets anymore.

Looks like I'd better trade grandpa's antique hunting rifle for a new one. One I can actually get ammo for. I lost my Groucho, and that hurt bad enough! I'll be damned if I'm gonna let PETA take my Vegas without a fight!!! In defense of my baby, I'll even take on the whole US Army if I have to. This is final: THEY ARE NOT GETTING MY BABY!!!!!!! I don't care how hard they get. Vegas has been with me since he was born, he would not be able to make it without me. I'll move to some place not affiliated with this country. Maybe Argentina. Better bone up on my Spanish!

The only thing that would not bother me if it is outlawed is the fur trade. I have nothing made of animal furs, I have no use for animal furs! I'm the type that thinks animal furs look better on the animals. I think skinning an animal is a stupid waste of life!! I would only agree to it with those animals whose meat can be consumed. But very few people actually wear cow skins. But animals like foxes and mink should stay in tact IMO.

****************EDIT TO ADD**********************
Oh yes! Katrina's right. People do too wear cow skins. She has a leather coat to prove it. LOL!! Geez!! I'm a dimwit!!!
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