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Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Strangest Party

I love that song!! LOL!! I still need the smiles, INXS gave them to me tonight. I was watching that Great Video Experience with INXS interviews, concert clips and some videos. There are some songs I am not fond of that INXS created, but they are actually quite few. I'm not that fond of Baby Don't Cry. I like most of the animals (except the panther), but the song leaves a lot to be desired. I'm not crazy about Never Tear Us Apart. I'm probably the only INXS fan on the planet that doesn't like that song!!!! It's just too hard to boogie to, and when I am in the car, the song always reminds me of how I get motion sickness. So I always skip it. That's what slow songs do to me. I love the faster songs that are easiest to boogie to. Like Kick, Devil Inside, New Sensation, I even love By My Side, for a different reason than the others, but I still love it!!!

I even saw the video for Time. That was the video that in 2005 made me fall in such a deep love with Kirk. I saw it again tonight and still got a bit weak in the knees. Too bad Kirk is such a jerk!!!! Well, if there is one thing I learned with that incident of someone supposedly being him commenting on here, it's that I know I am not as willing to "write him off" forever as I thought I was. I don't believe the person who came in and said Kirk's grammar was better than that person's, as I think most of the time, someone does the writing for the guys. (My guess was that individual was judging the grammar by those writings on his journal at inxs.com). But a small part of me says don't write him off, but the other part of me says forget about him. Well, all that has to happen is a 300-pound woman step up and say she has met Kirk and he was a perfect gentleman to her, and I will forgive him and forget about him snubbing me everytime I've met him. I will even apologize to him on this blog for all the horrible shit I've said about him. There is a catch. I must be able to trust the woman who speaks up, and she MUST be overweight, like me. A pic would help a lot too. There are some people whose words I wouldn't trust more than throwing horseshoes!! I know for example DonnaG is fat, but she also forces herself on people, and she is blind to these guys' faults. I know she had a photo-op with Kirk before, but if he was disgusted by her, she'd never see it. Not like I would have! (In the breeding game, that kind of disorder is known as "kennel-blindness". I don't know what one would call it when meeting your favorite band is your game). I can say I have met Kirk 3 times. Once snubbing I can forgive, even twice I can overlook. But after the third time there has got to be something personal there!! I wouldn't know what other conclusion I could come up with. Third time is supposed to be the charm, but not in this case. I once heard how Michael was always flirting with women, no matter what their size was. The one and only time I saw Michael was in 1991, and I was definately skinnier then!! I kissed him, but I never formally 'met' him. But I tell you, after meeting Tim, and him being such a charmer, it does not even bother me that I never formally met Michael anymore!! I used to envy those who have. But those are ancient feelings now, never to be felt by me again!!

Anyway, anyone besides me notice there are a lot of dogs in INXS videos?? INXS are obviously dog-lovers. There was even a dog on the cover of Shabooh Shoobah. Gives me a little encouragement for an idea I have. I could bring my babies to INXS concerts. I once saw a woman whose hobby was to take her french bulldog to concerts of different rock groups and allow them to play with the dog and pet it. True most rock stars have dogs at their homes and I am sure they miss them when they are on tour. It'd be great to brighten their tour with a surprise visit by someone with dogs they can pet and make friends with. Vegas is a good candidate, because he's the friendliest. Especially if one of them were to take their shoes off!! Vegas LOVES feet!!!!! Odessa, well she's the more nippy one, Kirk can have her!! LOL! Vegas needs to get used to men though. He's always nervous at first, but he never has bitten anyone before. Not like Odessa who is indeed an ankle-biter. She's also an ankle-scratcher. At least she is off-leash! Better leave her home!! Vegas the worst he does is bark and growl. That's all I've seen him do anyway. His bark is much worse than his bite though.

It'd be kinda cute to get a pic of Tim with Vegas! hehe! I've been getting him to give Timmy's pics kisses since he was born. However, I would have to leave the pics OUT!! If I do happen to start doing this, it would have to be professionally. I couldn't try all that fan stuff if I am to start doing these rounds. But it is a great way to socialize the dogs, and at the same time, bring some much-needed and well-deserved smiles to the faces of musicians. Maybe if Odessa is kept on a leash she won't do anything. But I would hate to chance it!! She does good at Petco, but I don't know how she would react with the music and stuff in the background at a concert.

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