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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tim to Mentor on Australian Idol!!!!!!

YAY TIMMY!!! I'm so happy for him, and he is a fan of the show!!! He gets to mentor the last contestants of the show, I sure do wish I could see it!! I've been missing seeing his face on my TV screen. Just this morning, I was doing a slideshow with his pics because I miss him so much! But I am so happy for him he gets to help mold these contestants into the future great musicians of tomorrow! Oh yeah, Kirk will also be there too.

To Timmy: You go get 'um, gorgeous!!! Show them everything you know!!

To Kirk: Go suck a stonefish!!!

Why does Kirk have to be the one on there?? Why can't Timmy be accompanied by Andrew? Andrew has just as much talent, if not MORE, than Kirk. Plus he's nicer and much better-looking!! Or how about Jon? Jon is gorgeous and talented, and a sweet man all-over. Or JD? Who else to epitomize the Rockstar/Idol scene than JD? He was the one who got to join INXS in much the same manner.

Anyway, here's the link to the story: http://www.inxs.com/news/news.php?uid=2416
Hope that works!

I also read about INXS's logo turning up on the Simpsons. I just thank GOD they didn't have the band members of INXS in that episode (or any other Simpson's episode!) I just cannot see my favorite, beautiful guys drawn in that typically ugly Simpsons-style animation!!! I saw once they had U2, that is close enough for them!!! Bono is homely anyway (a nice guy, but homely!!) He fits right in with the Simpsons look. But try to make Timmy look like one of them, well, it just would NOT work!!!!
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