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Monday, November 3, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

LOL! Anyone see this program? I never miss it. Of course I have it on DVD this year. I cannot for the life of me understand why the TV networks stopped playing this, it's a classic!!! Try to find the innocence depicted in this clip in today's cartoons. You CAN'T!!!! Linus is weird sometimes, but even so, one has to admire his supreme loyalty to the great pumpkin. I've always had a bit of a picture in my mind of what the great pumpkin would look like, and if I were Linus, I wouldn't even try to wait up for him!! In fact, it'd make me run to the house as fast as I could, not look back and lock the door behind me!! But I like Linus for his loyalty anyway! hehe! That and his little bit of kookiness!!! Linus's problem is, and it's plain to see, he has mistaken Halloween for Christmas! I don't think the Great Pumpkin would be even half as adorable as Santa Claus!! You know what my favorite holiday is? President's Day! hehe! Not as commercialized as the rest of them, and it's as far away from being near the dates of any personal tragedy I can think of!! I used to hate Christmas and Thanksgiving because it was too close to the time the world lost Michael Hutchence. Then I hated Memorial Day and the 4th of July because it was too close to the time I lost my Groucho. Nothing bad happened to me on President's Day though! Of course I'm a bit back on course with Thanksgiving and Christmas now because I did not know Michael. So I felt I've grieved for him long enough. But it's going to be a LONG time before I can enjoy Memorial Day and July 4th again.

Well, surprisingly enough, this cartoon was also bad-mouthed by parents whose children started calling others names because they thought it was funny on this cartoon. I'd be concerned myself, but it's not the cartoon's job to stop children from calling others names. That job is supposed to fall onto the parent's shoulders!! If they cannot stop their kids from picking up what they see on TV, then they should not let their kids watch TV at all!! But I can say I have been watching shows like that all my life and I never called anyone names. And what about cartoons like the Simpsons?? They call each other names, most of them are FAR worse than "blockhead"! And yet parents let their kids watch that mess. And those characters are not even half as cute as the ones on the Charlie Brown cartoons!! What happened to parents today??

Well, I managed to find the Great Pumpkin on YouTube, though I left out most of the middle of this program. I mean, who gives a shit about Snoopy as the WW1 flying ace??? I sure don't!! That part of the cartoon SUCKED!!!!! Though on the documentary, it was mentioned that that was the most popular part of the cartoon. I say NO WAY!!!!! That was the most BORING part of the cartoon!!! I guess that just means I am naturally hard-wired not to like what everyone else does. But that is the only part of the cartoon I tend to fast-foreward all the way past. So here, I just didn't include it at all. But these are what I found, courtesy of YouTube, and someone called "Penguindaeler"...

And part 2 (or 3 actually)....

You wanna know about fury in a woman scorned? Wait till Obama and PETA try to take my baby away from me, you'll know what Hell on Earth looks like!!!!


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You're kinda random, aren't you?

Timgal said...

You could say, I am VERY random.