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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Got It!!

I finally got my DVD for FMDH! It includes interviews and all the videos from the album. I'm so excited! And this time it WORKS!!!! Anyone else notice how in Days of Rust, Michael looks like that Lurch from The Addams Family? Timmy of course looks handsome as ever! And funny too, I love his questions to people on the street in the interview, some of them made me laugh! And so sweet of them to give tix to the fans, whether they answered correctly or not. I don't know why, but the song Full Moon, Dirty Hearts always makes me think of Titanic, the movie!! And I love Jon as the doting father in Kill the Pain.

Well, this came a bit late, as I am almost over this cold. I really needed it then, but I love it anyway. That's OK though, I had the other 2 DVDs sent to me and I got to see them when I needed to. This is what I love about ebay. I only have 24 more to go before I get my blue star. Well Hell!! It took me 7 years to get this far, I'll probably be in that category in another 7 years. I just don't buy from ebay a lot. But I am so glad I happened to search there and found this video. I love it! The interviews were simply fun! The videos were great!! Anyone else notice on the DVD (if you have it) the video for Please, You Got That was totally different from the one on the Great Video Experience. On GVE, the video done with Ray Charles was depicted. In this DVD, FMDH collection, Kirk was playing with some dinosaurs and they had animated dinosaurs running around. I don't know, this is a rare collection. Few fans have it. I was the only one who missed it when it was programmed on MTV back in '93. Or I seem to have been! That's why I am so glad I found it. I don't know what happened with the other copy sent to me, but I threw it away because it just wouldn't play. I tried it on 2 different DVD players. But this one plays good!!

Shoot! I had better get back to doing ebay shopping again!! Did you know ebay doesn't allow you to leave negative or neutral feedback anymore? I saw that message and said to myself "So what is someone supposed to do if they have a bad experience with a seller? Just let it go and not warn anyone?" I have an online buddy who bought an item from a seller that was not as described, and she turned him in. Well the guy wrote back to her and said that if she gets her money back, he is going to sue her. Nevermind that she had plenty of proof against him! I was thinking Geez what a dumbass!! I don't believe he was going to sue this bud, I think he was just saying that, and I kept telling her so. Unfortunately it was too much for her to risk, so she dropped the charges against him. Personally, I would have called his bluff, but if she felt it was too risky, who am I to say what's right for her? That's why I don't do much business with ebay. About once every 3 months or so I look for something when I have nothing else to do. Sometimes I get lucky and find something I've always wanted, like with this DVD. Well, it's been about 3 months since my last purchase, maybe more. One time I didn't sign on to ebay for 2 years.

Well now I am not writing much anymore (not until I get the green light again from my supervisor) so I have some spare time on my hands, so I looked and found this DVD. It was a mega-find!! I need to give my friend and co-author Cathy a ring, ask if she'd like to get together and collaborate on some more story ideas. LOL!

OK, so my mind is shooting off in different directions. I do hope Cathy is alright. I hear Hoquiam has some flooding and land slides. I always have fun when I go to her place cuz we sit and talk for hours, even act out some story ideas! LOL! Two crazy young ladies just having fun. Then her oldest daughter looks at us like "What the heck is wrong with you two?!" LOL!! You'd think she'd be used to us by now, but you'd be wrong! But hey! As artists and writers, we're supposed to be nutty!! Anyone have a problem with that can kiss my behind!!

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