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Friday, November 7, 2008

Judge Judy

Anyone watch this program? I love it! She reminds me of me with her attitude! Boy I'd hate to stand up in her courtroom, and face her in my usual sassy way. Knowing me, we would clash horns right away, and she'd be telling me to get out of her courtroom! And I don't mean she'd just be telling me "please, get out of my courtroom." or ask me kindly to leave. I mean, she would say to me "GET THE F*** OUT OF MY COURTROOM! NOOOWWWW!!!!" Well, she'd have one thing going for her with me, I would have respect for her. It is after all her courtroom.

Well anyway, today she had a case of a child playing with a BB gun and put dents in the neighbor's car or something. Do you know the toy stores still sell BB guns?! I agree with Judge Judy on this issue, they should not even be available to children!! Any parent who would buy a BB gun for their child is irresponsible! Especially for an 8-year old!! BB guns, though I've never heard of them killing anyone, can cause great harm to a person or an animal. I remember back in 1989, there was a string of BB gun attacks by an unknown assailant out by where our grandma lived. Three people had been shot by a BB gun. One was a jogger who didn't even know he'd been hit until he got home and discovered a huge red spot on his tank top where he'd been bleeding. Another of the victims was my sis Anna, who was struck while we were waiting to be picked up from grandma's neighborhood to be taken home. We were both terrified, and when grandma heard Anna had been struck, she almost had a heart attack. She started shaking and hyperventilating.

Now, not all kids are that bad, but knowing there is a possibility that could happen, I would never give a BB gun to a child!! No child under 12 anyway. Kids that age are not focused on what could happen due to their actions. My grandma always said parents who would condone playing with BB guns aught to be horsewhipped!! I agree, throw a little tar and feathering in there too. I cannot even believe BB guns are still being sold in toy stores!! They deserve nothing more than to be outlawed!! Any parent who would get their 8-year old child a BB gun is nothing less than stupid. There is where Judge Judy and I agree as well! She said she has 8-year old grandchildren and she would disown any of her children who would buy them a BB gun.

Some of my favorite lines of Judge Judy's are "Get over it!" and "Umm is not an answer!" She always makes me laugh every time she says those lines!! That's why I always look foreword to her shows every day! Today she had a touch of laryngitis, but for some reason, she still sounded strong. My cold is draining me, I envy Judge Judy for being able to conquer her own attack of laryngitis and sit in her courtroom and keep control of the guests! She can still keep a lucid head even in her ailment!! hehehe! Me, my thoughts are a lot more obscure! LOL!

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