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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Loved One

Apparently there is a new documentary about Michael's life. I want to see it!! Not so much for Michael, but I bet there is some awesome footage of Timmy!! I heard it is now available in Australia, where it hasn't been before. It's also available in Europe and South America. So why not North America and Canada?? What has Michael's family got against us? It's ridiculous! Apparently, according to this source, it's not an official documentary, that will be released next year. But anyway, official or not, I don't care! I want to see it anyway!!

So what happens when the official documentary is released? Will it too only be released in Europe and Australia? Nothing here in the US? That totally SUCKS!!! Well, I've spent enough time grieving over Michael, I mean I hardly know the man! I never met him, just kissed him. So, I figure my days of grieving are done with. But Timmy is still around and I can enjoy him! And Timmy, if you are reading, WHEN are you going to release Fish In Space like you told me you would in chat??? I want to see that too! I don't enjoy fishing that much, but I do soooooo want to see him! Apparently it was kindof a rock-documentary set-up, where Timmy fishes and plays music on his boat at the same time. I bet that's cute to watch. He told me he saw the video recently and laughed so hard. So if it makes him laugh, I want to see it!! More than anything! I bet his boat is awesome too!! I'm a girl who is fascinated by boats. I don't know why! Must be my love for the ocean.

I'm fascinated by a lot of strange things. My top fascinations (besides Timmy) are boats and ships, clocks, lighthouses, dragons and the unexplained. Though I am an artist, for some funny reason, I hate going to art galleries!! UGH!! I've recently entered some of my work in a gallery and I tried going through to look at other peoples' work and it just does nothing for me!! Art is funny that way. I think Bill Cosby explained it perfectly, art is like jellybeans. What is beautiful and enthralling to one person may be junk to another. I don't know why I am so fascinated by clocks. LOL! But it's such a deep fascination, every time I see one anywhere, I get so enchanted that it stops me in my tracks and I have to look!! It drives whoever I am with crazy!!! I have a lot of clocks in my home I don't even need, and I never use, but I keep them anyway. Same with lighthouses. I am up to my ears in lighthouses!!! I even have a lighthouse lamp that I adore!! I was once offered $100 from another collector for that lamp and I turned it down! LOL!

I love shows about the unexplained. With the exception of stories about UFOs. For some reason, that is not on my list of worthy conundrums. Not unless someone reports seeing the little green aliens!! That's different. But stories about UFOs themselves don't interest me. What I really am fascinated by are the stories that are rare to hear about. Like a story I recently printed in my Metazoic blog about humanoid-like footprints found in 600 million year old rocks!! That was fascinating!!! There were no vertebrates 600 million years ago, yet there was the footprints, covering a crushed trilobite as if someone stepped on it when it was alive. If they were humans, they must have been about 9-feet tall!! The foot impression was HUGE!! 30-something inches long!! No one I know has feet that big! Most recently discovered are these so-called 'rods' that fly through the air. I think they are just regular flying insects and camera tricks.

Wow! That was a dramatic subject-change!! But that is what I am all about. Thinking one minute about something, then the next instant, something else!! My mind is never on just one thing!! LOL!


Anonymous said...

hey hun...if your dvd player can play region 2 dvds and you really want this dvd ill look it up and see how much it is om amazon and if you wanna pay pal me the money i can forward it to you:o)

love and cuddles

Timgal said...

That would be great Wendy! My computer plays region 2 DVDs, I guess I can convert it here. I can send you some money through Pay Pal, it may not be until after Christmas though. I really would appreciate if you can find one for me.

Anonymous said...

no problem hun...just message me when your ready for it and ill see how much it is for you:o)