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Friday, November 21, 2008

The Most Innocent Victims of Mortgage Meltdown

Thanks W. This is all your doings! People abandoning their pets because they cannot afford to keep their houses anymore and have to move to apartments that do not allow pets. This ticks me off! People get pets and treat them like they are disposable. I would never get a pet I thought that way about. One of the reasons I'd never get a cat. Apparently according to this article, people are turning in their pets to shelters. Most people are anyway. Some animals are not even turned in, they are just abandoned on the property. It's terrible. Not everyone is like me. I never go anywhere that doesn't allow me to bring my dogs. I'd never rent an apartment or go to a shelter or hotel room that would not allow me to bring my babies.

I met someone last summer on a walk that just moved here and she used to have a chihuahua. Well, she was in the flood that plagued Chehalis last Christmas, and she and her family were flooded out of their home. So, they had to stay at a hotel while they looked for another apartment. Well, the hotel didn't allow them to keep their little chihuahua dog in the hotel room so they had to keep the dog in the car and it was cold that night. The next morning the dog disappeared. Almost as if it was snuffed off the face of the earth. The woman thought what happened was it was so cold out the dog crawled under the car seat and froze to death. That would never happen to our dogs because first of all, I'd have went looking for another hotel once I found out they would not let me keep my babies in the room. I wouldn't care if I'd have froze to death myself!! I got kinda ticked off at that woman, she went and got another dog too! Want to bet sooner or later when worst comes to worst again for them, that dog too will join the ranks of these poor pets in this article? Someone like that does not deserve a pet at all.

I remember when we were looking for this apartment it was sooooo difficult. There were not very many choices. The few choices there were many of them did not allow pets, or they allowed cats but not dogs. That's one of the first questions I always ask is if they allow pets and what are the limits. If they say "No we don't allow pets" I say thank you, hang up and don't look back!! I was lucky with this place. The landlord is very understanding. I told her before we moved here that our dogs are our family. And it is still a very nice apartment!! Got a lovely ocean view. Not from my room, but you can see it from some parts of the house. The ocean is just across the road, and I go there quite often. Yep, this is my "little la-la land"!! hehe! And I love it, and I still have my babies!!

Last Christmas when the power went out for a week there were some shelters set up with heat and electricity and I turned down going there because they wouldn't allow us to bring our dogs. I would have rathered staying here in the house where it was cold and didn't have electricity than to abandon my babies. We would have stayed here but Anna got cold and scared so we went to ma's. I could have stayed all week though. I made sure ma would have let us bring the dogs, thank GOD she did! Otherwise I'd have said no to staying there. I'm very conscientious about my pets, I cannot for the life of me understand why everyone else isn't the same way. I hope there never comes a time when all apartments start not allowing pets at all. But if they do, I know who to blame for that, irresponsible people! That will be the time I will start looking into buying a house. In the meantime, I enjoy living in apartments. That way if I don't like the neighbors (or the area, which there is no chance that will happen here) I can always move out. There is absolutely NO chance in Hell I'd ever leave this town. I've been desiring moving to this town for many years, a tidal wave couldn't drive me out now!! The only thing that would drive me out is if my parents died tomorrow, even then, my dogs are going with me. I'd never abandon them. I always said once my ma and pa are gone, I'm moving out of the country. I was thinking either moving to Australia or the UK. I wonder what the coolest area in Australia is? I cannot tolerate too much heat.


Anonymous said...

Thats sad. Those poor pets. We will NEVER do that to our dogs. They go where we go, all the time. I would much rather live on the street than to live in an apartment that doesnt allow pets.

Buy the way, who is W referred to?

Timgal said...

That's George W. Bush. I was quoting that movie title. Lots of people call him 'W' too.