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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sorry Timmy....

I had to remove my last post, such a shame! But I got a message this afternoon that the pics posted are professionally taken and were copyrighted, and apparently have been posted up in other places, and the person who owns those pics was upset about them being passed around. But they were such awesome pics!!!! I miss Timmy so much. But I am NOT mcgillicutty!! I don't intentionally steal copyrighted pics belonging to other people and post them up elsewhere! I was asked to remove them, and I said no problem, and came back here and immediately took down the post. I'm thinking about getting the link that can sell me the rights to those pics. I just might too, they were awesome pics, but not right this minute. My apologies to the photographer. He never did anything bad to me. Well, either way, I wouldn't want to be accused of copyright infringements! That would put me in the same class as the dirty dozen mob and I would HATE that!!!!

Well, the disks I got from ebay were mostly good, but one, the main disk, turned out to be not so good. But I wrote to the seller and asked for a new one if they have it. The seller graciously complied and is sending me another copy. So, once again, I cannot wait. I think I am over the worst part of this cold, I think now, my cold is going through the cough and stuffy stage. But anyway, I'll be fine. Been feeding on nothing but apple and orange juice for the past week.

**************EDIT TO ADD******************
Message to the photographer: I would never have mentioned the name of the person who referred me to the pics if I'd known they were copyrighted!! Please, DON'T blame Wendy!! She didn't send me the pics, she just sent me the link. I was the one who took the pics. Don't punish her, punish me instead!!!


Anonymous said...

hey honey sorry you got in trouble about the pics i havent heard anything from him about them but i wouldnt be surprised if he does we had a few crossed words a while back so he had issues with me lol im sorry you got dragged into it though


Anonymous said...

Hey! You don't have to be sorry, I didn't think you meant to get me in any trouble. In fact, I haven't heard anything from him either. I'm just sorry I mentioned your name. I didn't want the photographer to go to you and blame you because I put those pics on my blog. I was afraid he would, and it wasn't like you sent the pics themselves to me.

I never had problems with the guy myself, but if he wants to pound on anyone's head, he can pound on mine. ;)