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Friday, November 7, 2008


Damn I hate those things!! Spiders are about the only creatures that will send me running. I am totally terrified of spiders. Put me in a room with a hungry tiger or lion any day of the week, I wouldn't be even half as scared as I would be stuck in a room with a big, black, hairy spider crawling along the walls!! Yep, spiders scare me that much!! Funny thing, I didn't used to be scared of spiders. Up until I was like 15, I always looked at spiders with great indifference. Then one night I was in my room, lying on the floor, listening to music. As I was changing cassettes, this huge black, hairy spider crawled out from behind the stereo, and I nearly had a coronary!! I let out a loud, bone-chilling screech (as Eva described it), and my sis came running in and asked what was wrong, and I told her there was a spider in the corner of my room. So she went in the room with a shoe and squashed it. Ma and pa were out that night, so they didn't know about any of this.

I don't know what happened, but after that night, I was terrified of spiders. I guess it was the way that monster just suddenly scampered out from behind my stereo that scared me. That coupled with it's size, it was pretty big! I'm a little calmer now, I don't scream anymore when I see spiders (I can't anymore! Every time I try to hit those high octave notes now, all that comes out is air!) I do have a tendency to freeze when I see one though. I get so scared I can't move. I literally become petrified with fear. It usually lasts for a few minutes. When I finally compose myself, I grab something and kill the beast!

Last night I was sitting alone out in the living room, watching TV, and I saw a huge, black spider on our sliding door. Scared me nearly to death!! I also wondered if that darned thing was there when Anna put the dogs out. That wouldn't have made her too happy!! She's as scared of spiders as I am! Only she doesn't freeze up with fear. LOL! She's the one more likely to run screaming. Then last night when I was getting ready for bed, I saw another big, black spider crawling on the wall near my bed!! I got my slipper and crushed the damn thing. I think it disintegrated! It had me scared though for the rest of the night. I kept thinking "What if I hadn't been in the room?" that thing could have landed in my bed. I kinda wondered if there was anymore in the room that I couldn't see? There is always that possibility. Made me so scared I almost couldn't sleep. Yet I found myself highly grateful for one simple fact: spiders do not travel in herds!!!

Well, not all spiders are ugly, black, brown and hairy. Some are actually quite pretty to look at. But they are still terrifying to me. But check out these jumping spider species from Laos. I found this video on MySpace.

They do look pretty, as spiders go. But I would never want to touch one! The last one looks like an ant. The cinematographer though says it is indeed a true spider. Knowing me, I'd probably mistake it for an ant, brush it off and get bitten!! LOL! I don't profess to know anything about spiders, normally I don't know one from another, but I know what is pretty, and these are indeed that.


Anonymous said...

YUCK!!!!!! I hate spiders too. I will never forget the one that crawled into my room when we lived in Olympia. That one was real scary.

The spider on the video looked like it was dancing.

Timgal said...

That's the jumping spider's threat posture. Looked like it was looking in a window, probably thought it's reflection was another male spider.