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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Town of Batman

I was looking in on some bizarre news clips this morning and there was one that especially caught my attention. A small town in Turkey named Batman is suing Warner Bros. studios and the director of The Dark Knight because the name of their town was used without their permission. When I read that I thought "What???" I know Batman as a comic strip character has been around for about 70 years (since Bob Kane created him in 1938), why is this town just now deciding to sue Warner Bros?? Some people I think have nothing better to do with their lives. UGH!!!

Since when did this new trend start, suing someone for using a town name?? Though my grandma read once that if you use a real town in your stories, and a reader visits that town and does not see anything you mentioned in that story, they have every legal right to sue you. That's why most writers make up city names in their stories. But I never heard of suing someone for using the actual name in a city in their stories. Especially when it was not the writer's intent to make that name associated with that city. I'm sure the original creator of Batman had no idea the town of "Batman" even existed when he created the character. Sure is a crazy World we live in!! And many would say I'm the ring-leader! LOL! So I guess I'd better not name a character in any of my stories "Seattle" or the mayor of Seattle can sue me. Ridiculous!!! Or what about Memphis, in the movie Happy Feet? Maybe Memphis, the town in Tennessee, will sue Warner Bros/Dreamworks for using their town name in that movie.

The question is, and it was asked in this article, where have these people been for the past 70 years? Why are they chosing now to sue a company for the use of their town name? This has either got to be some kind of publicity stunt, or some kind of game these people are playing. Personally, I think it's the latter!! What kind of a dumbass would sue a company for something as stupid as that!!?? The mayor of the town claimed many people have committed suicide because of this movie. Why would they do that because of a movie? What on Earth has the success of a movie got to do with killing yourself?? Perhaps those people didn't kill themselves because of the movie. If the town in question is this dumb, maybe they did it to get away from the silly mayor of that town! And I don't mean silly as in cute or funny. I mean silly as in STUPID and crazy!!! Too crazy for me.

Well anyway, anyone who wants to read the article, here it is: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/b68391_batmans_latest_archenemy_batman.html Actually, I am not quite sure of the authenticity, but either way it makes for interesting reading.

If you ask me, they should have used a bit better make-up for the Joker in this movie. They used better effects in the 1989 version of Batman. Jack Nicholson at least had a better smile. Not saying anything is wrong with Heath Ledger's smile, but they should have used something a lot better than lipstick painted in the shape of a grin on his face. It looks too low-tech. But there must be a reason, and since I haven't seen this movie yet, I wouldn't know. I'm planning on renting it as soon as it comes out on DVD, which I understand will be next month (or was it in January?) Well, either way I will be waiting on pins and needles to see what all the fuss is about. It's a shame Heath Ledger did not live to see the release of this movie! Snuffed out so young!!


Anonymous said...

Bahahaha!! Read this version. This writer is spot on! http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Batman-Sues-The-Dark-Knight-10845.html Catch that last sentence too. LOLOLOLOL

Timgal said...

"No word yet on whether the neighboring town of “Silvan” plans to sue the Silvan Learning Center for educating women and infidels without their permission."

That is too funny!! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

They cannot prove that Batman was named for a town in Turkey and to prove that suicide rates has a link to the Batman movies. The whole thing sounds stupid to me.

Timgal said...

Someone commented that the town got it's name in the 50s. Batman has been around since the 30s. Who is stealing what?