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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Truth of Modern Christianity

I do consider myself a Christian. I was raised in the Christian faith, even though I have moved away from a lot of their beliefs. For example, I believe more heavily in evolution than in creation. I was reading some of Ratlady's posts on the Pluba forum, I must say, she is an educated person, but she has some very absurdly old fashioned ideas about religion!! Sorry Ratlady, but it's so true!! A lot of the creationist ideas have been proven wrong. I just have a hard time believing in the fact that all living things appeared on the Earth at the same time when it has already been proven that the world has gone through periodic changes spanning millions of years.

This thing about gays being an abomination, I have gay friends, some of them are christians themselves. One of my buds has told me there is a movement of Christians for gay rights, and a lot of gays who are themselves christians. I think they are getting the message. But to say gays won't be accepted by GOD is almost like saying people with mental disabilities won't be accepted by GOD. Being gay does not make you evil, or unworthy of GOD's love or acceptance!! That is an old fashioned idea. Not to mention ridiculous!!

And as for going to a Judas Priest concert.....what????? That is supposed to be unchrisitian-like????? Oh my! That is very old fashioned!! I haven't noted the philosophy that rock or metal music is evil since I was 10 years old. A lot of my chrisitan friends listen to rock music. Some of those same people don't even believe in evolution. But they'd prefer to hear a good rock n roll song than that mendacious music known as "christian rock". I've been to several concerts, for MC Hammer, Roxette, INXS, even Rich Marx, and I loved them! Never once considered it feeding on evil. In fact, Tim Farriss, when he was younger, tought the bible to many of his schoolmates, including the local school bully, who reformed and later became a priest. Way to go Timmy!!!! And Timmy is the guitarist of a rock group. Again, to say rock music is of evil is old fashioned, and silly!

Good GOD I miss Timmy!! Been thinking of him a lot!! We need more concerts! But again, I hope he is enjoying stretching his legs and relaxing at home.

Anyway, I would usually never agree with some of those on Pluba, but some of Ratlady's ideas are just ridiculous!! But if that is what she believes in, let her go on. Some people I guess are just too old to accept change. My grandma hated change!! And whenever you would try to update her ideas, she'd say you're calling her a liar!! I finally got to a point where I just said the HELL with it!!!!!

Myself, I prefer to go against popular beliefs, this is why I have my own religion. I still worship the same GOD as I did when I was going to a Baptist church, a Pentecostal church, and a Jehovah witness church (my ma's idea, LONG story!!) but I have some different beliefs than I did when I was studying those faiths. Jehovah witnesses don't even believe in celebrating Christmas or birthdays. Now, Thanksgiving is different. The pilgrims didn't even believe in celebrating that every year, and they were the ones who created it. But the Jehovah witnesses believe birthdays too are bad. You can say I had some very mixed-up beliefs growing up when it comes to religion. Ma wanted me to get into the mormon faith, and I said No way!!!! If she wants to go for it, she can. I'm not getting involved in someone else's religious beliefs anymore. I'm sticking to my own. Some people call what I practice Judaism. Maybe it is, I don't know though. I'm not Jewish, never wished to be. I consider mine nothing more than a free-standing religion. I don't even have a name for it yet.

But why really does a religion need a name to be official like some kind of brand or trademark? I don't think that's the way GOD would have intended his followers to work. And really every religion has different beliefs. It's all too confusing. So, I have one universal set of beliefs, and worship alone. I don't go to church, though I do read the bible and pray a lot!


Anonymous said...

I would love to encourage/challeng you to read a book called "The Shack". I think alot of ideas of 'religion' are addressed in that book, and you'll walk away satisfied.

It really makes you think.

If you read what it's about, and think it's too depressing to read, please reconsider. It starts out that way, but it ends up polar opposite. :)

They even have a website so you can read the prologue and first chapter online to catch your interest. ;)

Timgal said...

Do you have a link to that website? I'd love to see the book. Thank you for telling me. :)

Anonymous said...


Timgal said...


Anonymous said...

And I should add---I found mine at Target, so if you're near a big box store like that--you could have your hands on one fairly quickly. (I think I paid $10-11.00)