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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Week's Worth of Ideas

Been quite a week, and it all started on Sunday. My landlord is moving to California, and she asked if we'd be interested in her dinette set. I told her I've been going crazy trying to find a good dinette set that would fit in this house!! Our dining room is not very big at all, so it's been damn-near impossible to find a good dining set that would fit. I hope it isn't like one of those bistro-type sets where the chairs are as tall as I am!! I HATE THOSE!!!!! I cannot for the life of me figure out why they are made that way now!!! How is a woman who is only 5-feet tall supposed to get up on those things without struggling and straining?? I haven't seen the set yet, and I asked the landlord what it's like. All she said was it's made of metal and wood. But I need a dinette set. I already said yes to it, sight-unseen. Hope it's not a mistake. Cuz if the chairs are taller than I am I'm screwed!!!!

Well, anyway, it'll be nice to finally have a dinette set. Some more good came out of this week. I got to visit Cathy and we were discussing a new idea for a story. We got the jist of the story, we need to think how we are going to work this in. It's all about this character Brittney, a character that Cathy created back in 1999, based on her own daughter who was also born that year. I've used this character in a few of my own stories. One of which is based on what happened to Groucho. It was a venting story, but it came out pretty good. It may even become available on the site. One of the methods I use to get over something is to write about it, and writing that story helped me a little bit in getting over the loss of Groucho. It helped me cope with it. I'm still not 100% over Groucho, but writing that story has lessened the pain. It's titled "Brittney's New Pet", look for it! Yeah, she got a new pet, but she has a very hard time finding the right one. Kinda embodies the personal conflict I went though to love Vegas as much as I did Groucho. That's a whole other story in it's self, but I am glad that I conquered that endeavor. The thing with Vegas was he came along too soon after I lost Groucho. I was still in the process of grieving when he was born to Odessa, so it was kinda tough to love Vegas that much at first. But with some kind and gentle words from a very wise woman I met thereafter, I've grown very attached to Vegas now.

Well, that was one struggle in my life. A lot of my stories are based on a lot of personal experiences I've had. Some good, some bad. Shoot! I even characterized the dirty dozen mob (including mcgillicutty) and am in the middle of writing a story with them in it. LOL!! I didn't use their real names though, and in this story they are outside the computer. I cannot wait till that story is finished! Sometimes I even surprise myself with these stories! But that story is mostly based on the association I used to have with them, and the battle that turned everything upside-down a couple of years ago. So far it's good, and funny!! I don't have a title for it yet, but I will be putting that story on the site once it's complete. Sometimes it takes years to finish a story, sometimes I can complete it in a few weeks. The ones that take a long time to finish are the best stories though, because they are very thouroughly thought out and carefully put together. Those I rush through I tend to leave some things out of and don't realize it until the story is done (then I have to do it all over again!) But one of the biggest subject lines in my stories are based on personal experiences. It is always those that keeps the readers interested! It sure works with these blogs!! I get (on average) 30 views per day, which isn't too bad, and most of those are repeat visitors. Many of them I've known in my past. My biggest bookmarkers are from the Rockband forum, the Lovehammers forum, and most recently the Pluba and BBC forums. hehe! I've accumulated more than 3000 viewers just in the past 6 months. Again, not bad!! People say they hate crazies like me, but they are obviously intrigued in some way because they keep coming back.

Hey!! Nothing wrong with being crazy, in a fun-loving way like me!! I actually like it when people tell me I'm crazy. I'm an artist, I'm not supposed to be 'normal'!!! If that ever happens, that will be the day I'd have to retire my paintbrushes and my modeling clay!! And I could no longer write stories. That would totally SUCK!!!!! Well, no artist I've ever heard of is what people today would consider "normal". Even modern celebrities (artists in their own way) are coming out of the closet with their 'not-so-normal' minds. Check out that post I made about what they name their children for further proof. So it is us 'crazies' that actually make the World go round. If everybody was what others refer to as 'normal', this World would be a pretty dang dull place!!! No entertainment of any kind, anywhere!!! That's why I like my friends to be a little bit on the nutty side! They are the people who have the most fun, and are the most fun to be with. Believe me, nothing is nuttier than when me and Cathy get together! LOL!!! We may be nutty together, but we sure do have fun doing what we do. At least we never hurt anyone! What chaffs my ass is when people are crazy themselves and they don't even realize it. Then those same people point fingers at people like me and tell everyone that we are the only crazy ones. Like the people of the delusional fans forum.

Well, this week is Thanksgiving for us here in the USA. Turkey, and giving thanks, and in my case, Shilo Bars!!!! That's what this day means. I already listed things I am thankful for on this blog. I always give thanks to the good LORD for HIS many blessings. I could really go on and on and on. Then comes Christmas in line next. Yes, I still believe in Santa Clause. Santa must actually know Catsredrum. He sure does talk about her all the time. He says "Ho-ho-ho!" Then the last holiday of the season, New Year's!! And from that day I'll spend the following 8 months trying to remember that it'll be 2009 instead of 2008!! By that time, it'll be darned near 2010!!

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