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Saturday, January 24, 2009


A bad year for me. Well, the first half of the year anyway. It was the year after I lost my Groucho. But I picked up once I moved to Ocean Shores, a place I had always wanted to move to. It calmed me a little. It was also the last year I would see INXS. I hope it's not the last time ever I see INXS! I want to see them tour the World again. It may not be soon, but I don't want them not to tour again!

I also noticed another thing, Gwen Steffani CAN'T SING!!!! She SUCKS!!!! She should have stayed with No Doubt! At least they sounded good, well! At least Don't Speak sounded good! I didn't much care for their earlier song. To think before I heard Timmy's show tonight I would have considered putting up an app on this blog that would have given the latest biggest hit albums available. There's one problem, it would have seemed I was endorsing Brittney Spears and I HATE that bitch!!!! Face it, I have never been that fond of female singers. Especially not any of these ugly, squaking young sprigs. Nobody sings anymore. I listened to the whole program, and I didn't hear a single song I liked. Nothing sounded good at all. Anna likes this new music, but I surely don't. I guess as far as music is concerned, at least until INXS comes out with another album, real music ceases to exist. I just cannot find anything I like anymore. And I love music.

Seems these days all music is either too slow, or too rappy. Nothing really rocks anymore.


Anonymous said...

I still listen to Gwen Stefani. You probably heard a song that I still have. Of course its been a couple of years since she has done anything new. I pretty much keep up with what goes on in music. I check billboard once a week. I am really into the pop scene here.

But I'm with you on only one thing: I cant stand that Brittany Spears either. Its bad enough she has made a comeback after being dormant for so long. And she sings worse than before. She's not only ugly, but dumb too. I just wish people would just see how ugly she is, not just her physical looks, but on the inside too.

Besides, I am so damn blasted sick of these ugly, fake, Barbie doll type, dumbass bitches ruling our world. Think about it. I will admit, when I was younger, I would have thought that look was "cute" but not anymore. of course in my day it was cute, now it just seems to be a trend with women looking like a damn slut, so they starve themselves nearly to death, bleach their heads, wear globs of makeup, and walk around in public half naked. YUCK!!!!! Makes me sick that I just want to throw up.

Timgal said...

Yep, that seems to be the trend now. And it's bad! People are going to be judging others forever by how they look than what is really on the inside. Wanna bet Brittney doesn't want anything to do with her fans?!