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Saturday, January 24, 2009


A bad year for me. Well, the first half of the year anyway. It was the year after I lost my Groucho. But I picked up once I moved to Ocean Shores, a place I had always wanted to move to. It calmed me a little. It was also the last year I would see INXS. I hope it's not the last time ever I see INXS! I want to see them tour the World again. It may not be soon, but I don't want them not to tour again!

I also noticed another thing, Gwen Steffani CAN'T SING!!!! She SUCKS!!!! She should have stayed with No Doubt! At least they sounded good, well! At least Don't Speak sounded good! I didn't much care for their earlier song. To think before I heard Timmy's show tonight I would have considered putting up an app on this blog that would have given the latest biggest hit albums available. There's one problem, it would have seemed I was endorsing Brittney Spears and I HATE that bitch!!!! Face it, I have never been that fond of female singers. Especially not any of these ugly, squaking young sprigs. Nobody sings anymore. I listened to the whole program, and I didn't hear a single song I liked. Nothing sounded good at all. Anna likes this new music, but I surely don't. I guess as far as music is concerned, at least until INXS comes out with another album, real music ceases to exist. I just cannot find anything I like anymore. And I love music.

Seems these days all music is either too slow, or too rappy. Nothing really rocks anymore.
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