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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Calmed Down

OK, I have calmed down now. I don't want my regular readers to think I cannot be trusted again. But you know what I just found out tonight? I found out JohnFaa ripped off my idea for the Monodactylopterid bats from my site. That pretty well proves to me that I was right all along, that the only reason he hates my project so much is because he thinks it kicks ass! He just won't admit it. But again, let them have their fun.

Well, I am back to work on my UMG site, and I even did a few more pages of size-charts today for my Metazoic site. These size-charts are hard to work on, but they are fun! The hardest part is drawing them to scale up against an average-sized human (approx. 5 feet, 5 inches). I have to use a bit of eye-measurement to figure out how big like say a 20-foot long animal would look against an average-sized man. The mammals of my site are very large, most of them. The megacollids I just completed today are among the largest land mammals on my site.

I missed Timmy today, if he came on at all! It hasn't been 25 days yet. Tomorrow, in his homeland though, it will be. I miss him, and I don't want to miss the last program. I would have listened in, but something suddenly came up. A program came on that every time it comes on, I always miss it!! One time it came on, and I caught it in the middle of the program, but I missed the beginning. Well, today it came on again and I caught the whole thing. Finally!!! It was a program called Primal Fear, and I enjoy documentaries like that. But I know of some people who are podcasting Timmy's show, so I hope to get the programs I missed from them. Primal Fear even discussed the incident with the band Great White in 2004. In case nobody knows, Great White put on a performance in a small, intimate nightclub in RI, I think it was. Well, they made the mistake of using pyrotechnics in this small gig. So, when the pyrotechnics machine erupted, the whole place went down in flames. Some of the band members were killed in the fire. So were a lot of fans. That's one thing I can say about INXS, they never did explosions during their concerts, not the ones I have been to anyway. Not sure what they do when they play "The Gift". Maybe that's why they never played it on stage. The song is supposed to be explosive.

Well, I am thinking of decorating this blog with some lovely pics of Timmy from my extended collection. We will see though.

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