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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 10

I missed day 9, so I'll just skip to what I have heard tonight. Day 10, represents 1993. I didn't know Prince did that song that year!! I'd have swore that was an 80s song!!! Either I'm wrong or Timmy is. Most likely me, I never cared for Prince. He never did anything really good as far as I'm concerned. But the rest of the songs I recognize very well. Well, except that last song. That was a weirdo song! Someone who would do anything for love except he won't do that. Whatever "that" is, I don't know. It was a weird song anyway.

1993 was a pretty good year. That was the year my sis Eva married a man, a wealthy man I might say. Lucky her! She doesn't want me to say what he does or where he works, so I won't. I cannot say why, so don't ask. hehe! That was the year me and Cathy finished the "Batman" series in our stories. It ended with a bang! Quite literally. We had UMG characters playing Batman characters, and it ended up being the character named Bucky was just waking up from a nap after dreaming he was Batman battling the Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler, Mr. Freeze, and the Mad Hatter. It was a funny way to end the series that extended over a year. We started the series just before Batman Returns started in the theaters, in August of 1992 with Batman battling the Joker and Penguin. I loved writing those Batman series because it gave me a chance to let my imagination really go wild. It was never meant to replace the original Batman comics or movies, it was just a fun way of being trendy. Bucky is a lemur that is used in quite a few stories and he turned out to be a Batman fan, so this is why he was dreaming these things happening to him while wearing a Batman costume. They were not the only stories I had that ended up being a dream someone in the story was having. A couple years later, I had a story with me sitting in a college biology class studying Dian Fossey, and dreaming I was going up to study gorillas with her. In the beginning of the story though I fell asleep, and at the end of the story I was woken up. That was all that story was based on. I dunno, the plot worked well for Alice in Wonderland!! In the story Alice apparently dreamed the whole thing up, then woke up at the end. The same concept applies to these stories.

That was also the year my pa moved in with the woman who was soon to be his wife and left us his house as a rental. He still visited quite often. But back then everytime he visited it was a roll of the dice whether he would be in a good mood or a bad mood. I hated it when he came to visit!!! He may have left us the house, but he didn't leave us our privacy!! He still wanted to control everything we did, even though we were not children anymore and he was renting us the house and we paid our rent on time every month.

Well geez, I am awful tired tonight! I loved hearing Tim on the radio again, but I am so tired. When my eyes start stinging me, that means they are TIRED!!!!

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