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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 11

Tonight's show represented the year 1994. Another great year, it was the first year my sis Anna and I came to Ocean Shores by ourselves without our family. We stayed at a cute little hotel here, it was one of few around at that time. There were few powerlines then in this town, all the homes, land and hotels were on septic systems, that's how primitive it was out here. Basically it was just a cute little get-away town. It was the Easter weekend and every year around that time, all the kite-fliers come to this area to take advantage of the high ocean winds. Well, that little weekend trip sparked my imagination and ever since then, I've wanted to move to this town. Another thing that piqued my interest in this town was the Disney movie, "Pete's Dragon". It too was taken in a small, oceanside town, and it was such a cute movie! I was so fascinated by the town being so small and nestled up against the ocean it made me want to move out here so bad I was almost ready to pack up and leave the mountains and move to the ocean right then. Now, I am glad I moved here, even though it has taken me several years.

That was also the year I got heavily into the future of evolution. When I was younger the thought of evolution always made me cringe, but then I started studying it further, partly because of Jurassic Park, and I realized it was the best explaination there was for why dinosaurs and humans were not around at the same time. I actually created my first critters in 1992, but they were more akin to "make-believe" animals, much like one would see in a Dr. Seuss book, or on Star Wars. It wasn't until 1994 that I made these animals a little more scientifically accurate. I started with lemurs, the therapeds and deinognathids and carnivorous rats. The carnivorous rats I got from my copy of After Man. Dixon became quite famous for his predator rats. But he made them look too much like modern rats on stilts. I made them look more advanced. For one thing, I got rid of the naked tail, giving them a well-haired tail. From those first creations I radiated out into a World dominated by mammals. From that day on you could say my life focused on creating a mammal-dominated world, with no humans, and lacking those species who hinder the evolutionary advancement of other animals. Some animals I believe have many more millions of years to go.

This was also the year Kurt Cobain died. He grew up here, about 15 miles away from me in Hoquiam. The town even did a statue, funded by MTV, of Cobain. It's an awesome sight!!! Last time I saw it though it was still in the production stage. I didn't go to the unveiling, I'm not the biggest Nirvana fan, but my friend Cathy is.

Well, Australia had their own headlines that year, something about brushfires in northern Australia. Boy! I know how that feels! I get sick of hearing about brushfires in California!! But I guess that's what happens with global warming. That was a great year for music, not saying all of it was good, but I did hear a lot of songs tonight that has brought back some fond memories!

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