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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Done Finally!

I was going to post this yesterday, but I was a bit too busy. But anyway, I don't know how I did it but I was able to import my last blog to this one. I kept the better posts, and did a little bit of clean-up to take out all the bad stuff. I didn't publish the ones that requires too much clean-up. In fact I tossed those away. Katrina, Eva and Anna are all happy that I am turning over this new leaf. This is the first step. Katrina says I need to tear down these walls I have over myself and I know she is right. That is the next step and the hardest part. These "walls" are basically my protection and have been for so many years, I don't know how I can do without them. And every time I am nice to someone I get kicked down. I always manage to get back up again, usually by doing what Katrina calls "putting another brick on the wall". Not only does another brick go on the wall, but also the big guns come out and I shoot blindly at everyone. I think for the past couple of years I've been getting this "get them before they get me" notion, and we all know I need to stop that. Well, I am working on it. I will not promise to change by tomorrow, but I will not be airing my grievances on here any more. Because Katrina said she'd knock my blocks off! LOL! She packs a lot of power in a body that is only 5-feet tall and 98 pounds!!

Kindof a shame! It was those grieving and crazy posts that kept the regular readers coming back! I almost hate to give them up. Now I don't think I will be getting anymore readers at all. People don't go to blogs that are all lovey-dovey. Though I think that is what drew the people of the DF forum to me in the first place, my deep devotion to Tim Farriss. Only problem was they misinterpreted everything. But not getting into that!! There is always going to be people who will read what I write and misinterpret it or make stuff up from it. Well, part of the reason may be me. I am very precise in what I write. It's a habit. When I first started writing, someone told me that in order for a book to be good enough to publish a writer has to be very descriptive and detailed. Like you cannot say in a story "we watched the clouds roll by". A writer has to say something to the effect of "We sat on the cool, green grass and looked up to the sky and watched the clouds roll slowly by." So that is how I learned to put all these descriptive phrases in my writings. Even on these blogs. So I figured maybe I put too much description on my blogs. Who is going to read these blogs anyway? Usually common people. Not necessarily people who know all about writing.

Well, that's all I have to say. I think I cleaned out most of these posts, but if anyone sees anything "impure" let me know! I am still redoing this one story "Gracie's Odyssey". It's coming out great. But it is taking forever!! I know it will eventually get done, it's just taking such a long time. This story has officially been written twice. The first time was in 1998, and the second time was in 1999. In the first version, Davy grows up in a zoo, and then goes off to live with other animals. In the 1999 version, he lives in a zoo for a little while, then is bought by a man who brings him home to his teenage daughter, Lisa. I am actually the one responsible for the second version! I thought up Lisa and her father the summer before, in 1998. They came to me in a dream. But at that time, I had been watching too much Titanic, the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. I saw it about a hundred times in the theater!! I loved it! Then I had that dream of Lisa and her father buying Davy from the zoo. Now, you know how it is that dreams tend to exaggerate things. Like if you are asleep and someone knocks on your bedroom door, in a dream it can sound like gunshots firing. Well, in this dream, it took the ritzy-looking people I saw on Titanic and made people look even more ritzy. So in this original "re-write", Lisa was a princess in a huge, frilly dress and a tiara, and her father was the king of the land. And they were not on a boat, they lived in a castle. LOL! I actually put that down on paper because it seemed like a cute idea at the time. But when I finished it and looked back on it, I decided it was overdoing things too much and I didn't like it at all!! I didn't even present it to Cairo, the original writer of that story!

Well, several months later, in 1999, I re-wrote that story. I still liked the idea of Lisa and her father buying Davy from a zoo, but I wanted to tone down their position. So, Lisa's father, instead of being king of the land, is now a judge in a Supreme Court. Lisa is still a simple teenage girl in middle school and they both live in a mansion on top of a hill, not a castle in some far-off land! Besides, children have enough books about princes and princesses and stuff like that. Let them have someone they can really relate to. Cairo really liked that idea too, so this is how the story has been written up all these years. The story is not available on our website yet, but it will be very soon.

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