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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Michael Hutchence

Today is a special day it is a day to remember Michael. Though I can say I am not attracted to Michael anymore, and the feelings I do have for him are too complicated to put into words, I must remember him this day. My feelings for him are nothing like the feelings I have for Timmy, which is really not that complicated! No more than saying I love the guy!!! But I never formally met Michael, so I cannot say I love him in that way or not. Though he did let me kiss him! LOL! He didn't even know I did it though. But by "love" I don't mean like a "lover, boyfriend-girlfriend" type thing. Though I cannot deny in the case of Tim, Jon and Andrew, there is some physical attraction involved. I mean love as in how I love and adore my friends. Since I didn't meet Michael in a formal manner, I never spoke to him nor nothing, I cannot say I love him. I do however love his singing. One doesn't have to formally "meet" singing in order to love it. One just has to listen to it. And I do love his singing.

I've been busy, I finally finished a 160-page book I've been working on. In between that I managed to work on 4 size-charts for my Metazoic site and a herps page. By "herps" I mean vertebrates that are not mammals or birds. Though the phrase really only refers to snakes. A reptile is a reptile to me though. I am still tired but I managed to make up a page for herps. Took all night and all morning, and I haven't even eaten yet!! Not good! But I wanted to punch out that page and wish Michael a Happy Birthday. This is a day to celebrate!! As for the herps page, don't expect it to be spectacular, but it will do for now. If there are any herps fans out there who would like to see one woman's notion about the future evolution of these creatures, you can view the page here: http://www.metazoica.com/herps.html.

I'm going to bed.

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