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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Want Something!

I have this incredibly ugly feeling that I want something right this minute and I don't know what it is!!! I HATE this feeling!!!! It's like a fire churning the pit of my belly! But it's not really hot. Just creates an anxious feeling I have to do something!! My head feels fuzzy, and full, and it's trying to think, but it cannot. It takes over my body and my mind, and I cannot control it. The nagging part is I don't know what it is I want! So I cannot get it to get rid of this feeling. No, it's not a snake-charmer! LOL! I can feel it is something within reach..... I just cannot identify the thing I crave.

Ever have this feeling before? It is depressing! I'm not hungry, I'm not tired, everything I need is right here. Just that there is something I need and I need it now, and I don't know what it is. I feel like I am a 1970's computer trying to run Windows Vista. My head is so fuzzy, I'm looking around a very familiar room and I'm going "what?" My legs want to get up and go somewhere, but I don't know where. This is the worst feeling in the World! I kinda wonder if listening to music will dull the feeling. I missed Timmy last night, Monday nights are my TV time. Not even Timmy could take me away from my Monday night programs. But I am sure it isn't Timmy I want!!! Because I know all I have to do is get up, go into my room, grab a pic of him and come back out here. Or I could just open up the Timmy folder on my computer here and I have Timmy-pics a-plenty! I really don't know what it is I want, but it is driving me nuts!!!


Freckle Face said...

A DQ blizzard? lol

Timgal said...

LOL! No, I'm sure it wasn't a blizzard. I never did figure out what it was.