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Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm Gonna Do It!!!!

I'm about to do something I shouldn't do, but I almost cannot resist the urge!!! This just had to happen now that I am trying to go for a complete change. I almost cannot help it.

To explain a little of what is going on, I was once a member of a Speculative Evolution forum, and the owner and administrator is a guy who calls himself Proletarian. He used to be on my own Metazoica forum, now out of service. He told me and several people on his own forum that it was my site (metazoica.com) that got him interested in speculative biology in the first place. Actually he has changed that story several times. First he said I was the one who inspired him, then he said it was Paul Valkov that inspired him, then he said it was The Future is Wild that inspired him. He cannot even make up his mind about that!! I consider Paul Valkov a pretty good friend, he's good in biology and speculative evolution and even has his own site. He is even friends with some real good biologists in his native land, Russia. And Proletarian when he was in my forum, got pissed off at Paul when Paul would not agree with Proletarian's ideas about future evolution. That apparently is how he is!! I told Proletarian Paul is a good person and knows all about biology and I made them make up. But I did it nicely. After that, Proletarian was saying Paul was the one who inspired him. I was glad they had made up. Bottom line, when he was in my forum, I always treated him like an equal. Just like I do with everyone else.

Well, my forum is now down, and Proletarian has his own forum. He also has his own group of amateur biologist wanna-bes that go into his forum. Basically, I recently found out, they are the only ones who agree with Proletarian's work. Otherwise they wouldn't be there. I joined there because Proletarian invited me to. When I got there, I found JohnFaa and a few others on that forum actually sneer at my website. At first, Proletarian was defending it. But as time went on, I noticed a little bit of a change in his attitude. An attitude he never had when he was on my forum. I just started going in less and less, didn't think much of it. I thought at first maybe Proletarian was just drunk with the powers of administration. Now, I left the Speculative Evolution forum when Proletarian started acting like Adolph Hitler, which was recently. He and I had a little disagreement. Now, if I had been arguing with a normal and sane individual, it would have ended with 'You have your opinions, and I have mine. Let's just agree to disagree', but Proletarian is not like that. He kicks, fusses, bashes and throws the F-bomb at all who disagree with him. He was definately NOT like that on my forum!! Except that one time he cussed Paul out for not agreeing with any of his ideas. I thought surely he was over that! But I think I know why the sudden change of attitude. An anonymous person has told me that JohnFaa has influenced Proletarian. Not only has JohnFaa influenced Proletarian, but I understand he has been privately e-mailing other forum members and getting them to agree with him that my site in inaccurate and unscientific. Last I heard (I haven't looked in), someone calling himself Pousaz Power is also allowing himself to be influenced by JohnFaa and Proletarian. And they are all dissing my project.

My opinion of all this? I knew when I left the SE forum there was going to be some turmoil. Proletarian is trying to head up the popularity list, he has been ever since I joined there. And since I left, they are absent one member and that just drives them CRAZY!! Well, I am grateful I have some supporters. In fact, I have a lot. Some of my supporters are pretty World-renouned biologists and palaeontologists in fact!! That's COOL!! I get e-mails from them all the time. I've been getting e-mails from people I've only heard of in books and on television! I was like "WOW!!" Proletarian unfortunately cannot say the same. All his supporters are high school students who do not even have a certificate of completion in a 2-year community college. None of them even have their own website, just a free space on Deviant Art. Most people I know would not touch Deviant Art with a mile-long pole. I went there once and I got so frustrated because it was so hard to navigate, I just said "Screw it!" and looked away and never went back!

Well, Proletarian, JohnFaa and those who support them, are the only ones apparently who think my work is inaccurate and unscientific. None of the biologists, palaeontologist nor any one in similar feilds thinks it is, and it is them who keep me going on my site. In fact, it has encouraged me to work even harder on my site! I don't want to disappoint these people! That is why I was up all night last night, I was working on stuff for my site thanks to the encouragement of all my wonderful supporters. And I am sorry, but I would listen to people who have degrees in biology and have been at it for many years LONG before I would ever listen to Proletarian, JohnFaa, Pousaz Power or any of those dip-shits!! Why? Because...
  1. Everyone knows Proletarian is one of the biggest hypocrites and liars there is on the internet. He has bipedal spec mammals (Therizinotapirus in his own Deviant Art page) and his biggest argument with me is mammals will never become bipedal.
  2. JohnFaa is also one of the biggest hypocrites there is. He is bashing my project, but his own projects seem to have a lot of the same ideas mine does. ie, 18-foot tall bats with long necks.
  3. JohnFaa is only 16 and some have told me his own projects are nothing more than collections of video game creatures with only a little bit of science added.
  4. If you don't agree with Proletarian, he will cuss you out and yell at you until he is blue all over.
  5. Proletarian believes mega-squids will walk the Earth and monkey-like squids will swing through the trees.

JohnFaa complains that my ideas are unscientific, yet look at what one person has to say about Mr. Faa's projects. Seems people who know better believe his ideas are nowhere near as scientific as mine are! These are quoted by one of my biologist supporters all about JohnFaa's projects:

Okay, here it is. Firstly, What If World has anurognathid pterosaurs surviving into the Cenozoic. Anurognathid pterosaurs, in case you're not a pterosaur expert, are small, big-headed pterosaurs like Dimorphodon, who lived from the Late Triassic to the Late Jurassic. Like the rest of the rhamphohyncids, they were replaced in the Late Jurassic by birds and pterodactyloid pterosaurs. All of them. There is no evidence for any anurognathids from the Cretaceous (except some possible fossils from the J-C boundary), and NO evidence for non-ornithocheiroid and azdarchid pterosaurs after the Turonian. When confronted with this, they merely said that they were small and inconspicuous, and could have avoided notice. Wrong. Small insectovores have the highest rate of change among ANY group. That's why shrew and rodent genera change like crazy from the Late Miocene to the Pleistocene, while the mastodon never even changes its genus once. In that area, if you aren't competitive, you die. They also state that anurognathids had no competition, WRONG! There was tons of competition from birds and pterodactyloid pterosaurs. (they also state that voltaicotheres were true fliers in the Late Cretaceous, which is wrong). In fact, trilobites, due to the fact that they could survive in deep water, are more likely to survive to the present day than anurognathids.

Secondly, Terra Avis has gigantic ground sloth-like hoatzin in the Americas. Just one problem. Hoatzin don't even appear in the fossil record until the Late Miocene, and the closest thing that can be considered to a proto-hoatzin is still Eocene in age. There were no Cretaceous hoatzin. On that note, please notice that all of the birds of Terra Avis have no fingers. Even the hoatzin descendants, even though fingers and claws would be beneficial to them. Finally, in Terra Avis there are apparently no marsupials or placentals, just basal therians, despite the fact that placentals are known from the Late Cretaceous (Purgatorius, and even if you don't agree with that there is still Gypsonictops). So, did they just magically vanish?

Then, Terra Alternativa. Not counting the boring name, there are many problems with this Spec project. First, JohnFaa is unimaginably unimaginative with this project...aetosaurs take the place of stegosaurs, dicynodonts take the place of ceratopsians, etc. And not to mention he has several herbivore groups (ctenosauriscids, effigian rauisuchians) being carnivores, and many adaptable groups like prestosuchids die out. And then he has Therocephalians existing in the Late Triassic, even though they already went extinct. And THEN he somehow has mosasaurs and azdarchoid pterosaurs reappearing out of the blue. And if mammals only evolved because of dinosaurian competition, then how did cynodonts survive the K-T if they produced no small, scurrying forms. In fact, a crocodile (crocodilians were the weasels of the Triassic) works better than Terra Alternativa's current set-up.

Finally, their latest project, Dragons of the Ice Age. So, I think they might have scrapped What If World, and now are creating a post no-K-T world where dragons take over....that's right, dragons....gigantic monitor lizard descendants somehow drive dinosaurs mostly into the ground, and then take over...what the heck.

What the heck is right!! Seems JohnFaa only believes what he wants to believe, not what is true or scientific! The same person who said all this about JohnFaa, has been mentoring me a little bit in tweaking some of my ideas around. I like him a lot!! He is the only person in history who has ever been able to talk me into putting felines into my Metazoic project!! NOBODY has ever been able to do that!! In the 17-or-so years I have been working on this project! This guy is pretty convincing! He is so convincing, if he asked me to jump off a cliff, I would do it! With little or no argument! That is how convincing he is! Few people can get me to bow to their command like this guy can! He just has a natural way with the art of persuasion. Except to people like Proletarian, and Pousaz Power. But then again, those people have no brains! And the SE forum is nothing but a cult of stupidity. I'd say the same thing about JohnFaa, but I have this strict personal rule against attacking children. But looking at the layout this guy gave me of his projects, and the stuff he said about my project being unscientific, and going around e-mailing people with threats that they'd better think his way about my project, or else. Well, you can pretty much guess what I think of him. I just won't say it until he is 18! LOL!

I told one of my supporters yesterday that I actually love it that JohnFaa hates my project so much! Especially now, knowing about his sanctimonious beliefs. It shows just how much ass I kick with my project!! So, I'm just letting them have their fun! But I am telling you, if they go too far it could put a damper on my efforts to change!! I really do not want that to happen!!


Freckle Face said...

Please don't undo everything that you've accomplished this month this far. Take a deep breath, and let go of all of this.

I would hate for this year to end, and you'd have to erase this blog to move to another one to start fresh.

Ask yourself if it's worth it to change. You're NEVER going to get everyone to agree with you, and you're never going to get everyone to like you, so why try, and why break your new year's resolution for it?

Please reconsider this post. :)

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

I know, I don't really care if he agrees or even likes me anymore. What gets me is they are e-mailing everyone on their forum and threatening them that if they like my website they're going to be in deep shit. Makes me so mad I really want to roast them good, and especially expell what hypocrites they are with their projects compared to how I am with mine.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

I should add here that Venatosaurus and I have made up since this post was made. I also got a chance to look at one of his creations for his world, a carnivorous duiker, and I like it. Duiker would indeed become carnivorous in the future. I'm waiting on pins and needles to see what else he comes up with for his World.