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Friday, January 2, 2009

John Travolta's Son Jett Dies

And at only 16 years old. What a shame!! So young, it's always sad when people (or animals) die so young when they have so many good years ahead of them. My heart really goes out to John Travolta and his wife tonight.

You know, this is weird! It was only a few short nights ago I was thinking heavily about John Travolta!! I even wrote about him on this blog!! I kinda wonder if that was a signal of some kind. This same thing happened about a week before Michael Hutchence died. I had a picture of INXS over my sofa and I started to look at Michael for several minutes at a time for the first time in something like 3 years. For some reason back then, even though I was in a neutral period with INXS, I just started thinking a lot about Michael. And it just came on all of a sudden! One minute, I was basically indifferent to Michael, the next minute, I couldn't get my eyes off him. Then, it just progressed, my interest in him just grew and grew. I couldn't explain it! It wasn't a "love" per se, it was just a growing interest. Something somewhere was trying to tell me something. Then 9 days later I heard Michael had been found dead in a hotel room in Sydney. It isn't often I think about John Travolta. Not often at all!! Well, not since I was a little kid and had a minor crush on him. But that night I wrote about him on this blog, I was thinking of him quite a bit! Is it irony or coincidence? Or did I get some kind of early signal of an impending tragedy?

I don't know why when I got back into INXS again in 2005, I was more sweet on Tim than on Michael this time around. I hope that does not mean he'll be next to go!!! I don't think so though. That's really laughable!! I think I just like Tim a lot! I more believe at that time I sensed INXS was going to make a big comeback. And they did!! That was before I heard about Rockstar: INXS coming out. It wasn't until after I already made up my mind that I love Tim so much that I found out about Rockstar: INXS. It was my "re-discovery" of INXS that made me interested in INXS news in the first place. So I couldn't have known about Rockstar before. Either way, it's eerie!! I knew my senses were good, but I never imagined they were that good!!!

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