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Sunday, January 25, 2009

No More Timmy!

Well, last night was the last night, and I miss him already!! But I am almost finished with this story, then I can scan it. I'm going to wait though to put it in book form till I can collect a bunch of stories like last time. It's a slow, arduous process. But it can be fun once I put the whole thing together. This is a cute story too! It's a story with Caroline, the lemur. She's cute, just slightly annoying, but someone you just cannot help but love! She was one of the first creations of my supervisor. She has evolved slightly over the years, in appearance. But her personality is the same. She's supposed to display the image of someone who is innocent, clueless, the kind who cannot get on by themselves and loves the company of her friends.

In reality, Caroline is hard to describe, one has to see her stories in order to get to know her. She is quite comparable to Grover, the monster on Sesame Street. Well, at least she's not like Elmo!! Grover at least is somewhat cute. Elmo tries to be cute, but is nothing but annoying!!! I have to put up with his BS when my sister comes over and brings the nieces and nephews!! They like Elmo! I cannot understand that! Elmo's a pussy! Big Bird ROCKS!!!!

Well, one of my buds suggested I join G-mail. While it is a good idea to have a lot of space to store e-mails (one of the reasons I gave up Hotmail), I really do not like G-mail!! Every time I click to access my e-mail box, my screen goes blank!! Then I have to refresh! I kinda wonder if I cleared my cache files it would help? If not, to this buddy: please don't expect me to sign on to G-mail very often. Just a bit of acknowledgement there. I do enjoy e-mails from this guy, he's very knowledgable. We also discuss things that make my day. Something I'd better not mention here, as I want to keep this clean, not roast anyone. I'm roasting enough people here in this post! But Elmo really shouldn't count, he's nothing but a silly puppet. He's not even a real animal of any type. Just a make-believe monster. If he was a real kind of animal, I might actually like him better. Maybe if he were a monkey, a dog, or a rabbit, or a koala even, he'd be better.

How about that Hotmail though? Bill Gates is really turning into a stingy old fart!!! But then again, you got a better way to become one of the richest people on the planet? Last time I was on Hotmail, they only allowed you to have 2 MB of storage space in your e-mail inbox. Stingy, stingy, STINGY!!! My regular e-mail program gives me UNlimited storage space!! I love it!! MSN doesn't even offer you free web sites.

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