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Sunday, January 4, 2009


I looked in on a group I am a part of still and someone posted up an interview that Kirk's new fiance did, she mentioned Kirk is a "retired musician". OK, so what is up with that? Not that I care about Kirk really, but it makes me think, is INXS retiring? I only hope that is just a rumor. I hope it's not true. Then someone else mentioned that a couple of the Farriss's got different jobs and I was like "oh no!" INXS cannot retire!!! 30 years in music is not long enough!! Considering the fact the Rolling Stones have been in music for 40+ years, it's by far not long enough. And what about JD Fortune? What about his career? He became their new lead singer. What's going to become of him now if INXS do retire? What is he going to do with all that talent? What about the new CD INXS was supposedly coming out with? What about the 80+ songs that Andrew was supposedly working on while INXS were on their extended break? Aren't they going to go into publication? This brings up so many questions and concerns it's not funny!

On the other hand it sort of makes sense. Maybe INXS touring for 3 years straight was sort of their way of saying goodbye to the World. What a shame! I wanted to see Tim again, I miss him so much! And JD's career was just getting started. That sucks!!! So what is the point of having an INXS fan club now if they are retiring? Geez, I guess now would be the best time to move to Australia. Not that I believe whole-heartedly I would ever get to meet Tim even there, but at least I might have something of a chance of seeing him again. Maybe they will tour only through Australia instead of going around the World, like small pub shows or something of the like. I can go to those easily and still see them.

Tonight I got an e-mail from an anonymous e-mailer who has been exchanging messages with me all week. He (or she) kept on asking me why I hate felines so much. I tried to avoid telling this person, but finally I gave them an explaination. Well, today I got a message from this person telling me how I get irrational and foam at the mouth when I answered. This person said it freaked him (or her) out. I admit I do get quite passionate when I talk about things I don't like, and I tend to fly off the handle. The best explaination I have for that is that it is my handicap. It's something that for some reason, I cannot control. I think the reason for that is because I never acknowledged it. But I thanked this person for bringing that to my attention, because to be honest, I knew that went on but I couldn't figure out if it was me or the other person. No one else ever told me any of this, but it has actually made me open my eyes and look at myself. The only indication I ever had about this, believe it or not, was just my sisters occasionally telling me to "chill out". I've asked this before, am I really a monster? I guess this person answered my question!! And probably the main reason I dislike cat-people is because most of them are hypocrites!! I've met many, especially on the YouTube site, and they are nothing but whiny hypocrites!! They say they hate dogs because dogs kill people. Dogs don't kill people, people kill people!! If a dog kills a person, the one to really blame is the owner because they brought the dog up to be killers by either not socializing it, or just getting a puppy and training it to fight, and keeping it in the back yard, tied to a tree and never showing it any love. That would make anyone develop a lust to kill!! Even a person raised like that would more likely kill others! But then what about all the larger feline species that have killed many people in the past? How do these cat people, who hate dogs so much because they say they kill people, explain when some tiger or lion or cougar kills a person? At least if a dog kills a person, their alibi is they were brought up that way by a person. But felines have no alibi. Nobody brings them up to kill, that is how they are wired. A difference? Not really! Not to those people anyway. I've had cat-people who have threatened me with a gun because I don't like cats, and I tell you, it did NOT make me see cats in any better light after that!! In fact that is what formed the basis I have that cat-people are no damn good!! Both of those incidents did. Those plus the fact the dirty dozen mob are all made up of cat-fanciers and everyone by now knows how I feel about the dirty dozen mob!! I need not mention that anymore. I try not to judge people by what they like, I said I wasn't going to do that anymore after all the stuff I said about the Garry fans and having met the man!! But when I meet cat-people who are all basically nothing but a bunch of bad apples, what am I supposed to think? The only cat-fanciers I've met that I still like is my sis Eva and Cathy, one of my best friends. Both have and adore kitty cats, both prefer cats over dogs. But they both also understand that I am not a cat person, and have never threatened me with shooting or any other form of bodily harm or anything else. I can honestly say I've never harassed anyone because they didn't like dogs. I just puzzle over it because I cannot see what is so special about cats over dogs. I've had both before, and it's dogs I enjoy more. Especially the small breeds.

Well, with this anonymous person bringing this to my attention, and Katrina suggesting I make a New Year's resolution again to take on a more positive attitude, maybe I should try it all again. I made that resolution last year and I did not follow through. Especially after the dirty dozen mob broke into my Hotmail account. I don't give a shit what CrystalK says!! She knows who did it! Maybe this time it will be easier to keep that resolution, as long as I stay out of forums and only talk to people I genuinely like. I have my MySpace, my Facebook, this blog, and my UMG and Metazoic sites. Admittedly there are a few people on MySpace and Facebook that I don't know too well, I never say anything to them, but there are those who I talk to that I do like a lot. There is also my chihuahua site that still gets many views daily and many viewers leave me messages in my guestbook. Some are good, a few have been bad, but only a few. One person told me some time ago that Anika was saying on her website I was a puppymill. I always felt sorry for that woman!! She's too crazy for me, but I feel sorry for her. Apparently she's not breeding anymore, but she was a show breeder. Even had the #3 chihuahua in the country at one point. But she charged exorbitant prices for spayed and neutered dogs. Well, I never got angry at her because I knew she was nuts. Everyone knew!!! I just asked her who gave her permission to use my kennel name on her website. I never got a response from her. I searched her site and found nothing about my kennel though. Either she took it down or it was never really there in the first place. Don't know. But oh well!! It's dead and stinking now.


Anonymous said...

The first thing you need to do is tear down that fucking brick wall you built around yourself. also you need to stop using so many caps and exclamation points when you write. you overdo those to much. it makes you look like a person who is to angry. me and eva were talking about this while reading your blog. calm down and ease up. and dont talk about things and people you dont like. talk about good things. and if you have to talk about things that upset you keep it brief. seriously dude, we get the message already!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, it may be premature to discuss moving to Australia, but thats your decision not mine. Just watch yourself there. They have so many poisonous snakes and spiders in Australia.
It is possible that INXS' last album did not do too well here. You notice how they almost never come to this country, especially recently. Most of their shows either take place in the UK or Australia.