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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Road Trip With the Wees!

Yesterday we went on a long trip with our little ones. I mean a LONG trip!!! At first we went to Astoria, our intent was to do some grocery shopping. But the store we went to did not have all we wanted, so as long as we were in the state, I thought let's go to Portland. So we did. They had everything we wanted so we got what we wanted and needed and came back home. It was a long way there from Astoria, where we originally started. We stopped at a rest stop to let the little ones go potty, they always attract a lot of attention, and Anna met a woman who just lost her husband yesterday. I thought when the woman looked at me she had that lost look in her eyes, kinda like how I looked when I lost my Groucho. She said he went in for heart surgery and died in the operation. I felt so bad for her, I told her she is in my prayers. That's all I could do, but she said seeing our babies made her day. I get so awkward in those kind of situations. I never had a husband die on me, I've lost friends and close family before, and kind words are enough to help me feel better. All I could offer was my condolences.

Well, we got our shopping done. You know what? I think I'm going to go shopping there more often! Everything is cheaper there! I was able to get twice as much as I usually do. But we were so tired upon returning we were falling asleep on the ride home! Thank GOD we made it before we got too tired. Usually on a long trip like that during the last 10 miles toward home I start feeling woozy, and last night was no exception. I had to turn off the music and start talking just to keep Anna and myself awake! I didn't think I was going to make it home awake! But we did, us and the wees made it home unscathed. There were still a lot of road closures due to flooding!! Thank GOD by yesterday most places were cleared, but passing through Chehalis, Centralia and Elma I noticed most of those areas were underwater! It's like a sea out here! I think in the future World this whole area is going to be part of the Pacific Ocean! No land anywhere. The Cascades are going to maybe be an island chain, or underwater volcanoes. The area Katrina lives with her family is not so bad, but then she lives on a hill too. But I also remember her mentioning yesterday that she could not go to work because most of the highway around her area was flooded.

Well, when I got home, I wanted to try my all-new portable DVD player I got yesterday, but I was too tired. Even today I am still too tired! NUTS!! But I will get to try it out, possibly tonight. I just cannot wait is all! It even plays VCDs, which I have quite a few of. My old player won't even touch VCDs!! Anna has no use for VCDs so I gave the player to her. This one is cool! It's like a flat-panel player, with a cute little mini remote. I can hook this baby up to my stereo on one side of the room and control it from the other. Look out Rockstar: INXS!! I'll be watching it maybe tonight! I miss Timmy. These radio programs are cool, but I want to see Tim's face! I missed last night's program! I'm sure they did the year 1992. Tonight they might do 1993. That was the year I got back into listening to the radio after like a 2-year break.

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