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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Save the Gorillas!

I have joined the DFGF and FirstGiving last night to help raise money for the protection of the mountain gorillas. I plan to help raise $10,000 by 2011. When you get the chance, please sponsor me. I am doing this on behalf of Metazoica and the animals. I want to do all I can as this is a charity that means a lot to me. I try to give to the DFGF every year when I can because I do not want to see the mountain gorillas go extinct. Plus I am a great admirer of Dian Fossey's. I know $10,000 is a small amount for the next 2 years, but hey! The gorillas deserve it.

For those who may be suspicious, I will not be pocketing any of these donations. They all will be going to the DFGF. They will help pay for park rangers, veterinary care, recovery and protection for the mountain gorillas, which is still a critically endangered species in central Africa. I'm merely helping them by looking for sponsors. The internet is just one way of doing it. I think I will also go around town here and post up fliers looking for sponsors to help me in my plight. But every little bit helps. Even if you only donate $5, or even $1, it all helps. I have until 2011.

One has to admire a woman who died fighting for what she believed in, and that is exactly how I feel about Dian Fossey. I am the type that would probably do the same. The only thing that would get me down about all this is knowing that Dian Fossey would have died in vain. That's not a good thing to me. So that is why I really want to do this, for her, for the gorillas she loved, and for the organization she founded. And it isn't just the gorillas who will benefit from all this, every species threatened with extinction in their range will also benefit as well. There are tons of animals in the park now. There's hyrax, bushbabies, antelope, chevrotain, monkeys of all kinds, buffalo, elephants, all kinds of animals! Every single species will do greatly with the goal I am setting out to reach.

Well, I helped Kirk on his quest to walk the Great Wall of China. Maybe some of that good karma will come back to help me. Anyway I did try to help him!! Kirk is not even among my favorite members of INXS. But I wanted to help him anyway. He was doing the walk for the erection of a cancer treatment center. And that is something I also hold dear. I have friends who are battling cancer now, so any center devoted to battling the disease is helpful. Maybe they will find a cure for the disease.

Anyway, please donate today! Go to the widget on the right of this page, click the donate button and it will take you to my page on the FirstGiving website. There, you can click the donate button and give. They take credit cards. Not sure if they take PayPal, but you can surely check!

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