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Saturday, January 31, 2009


OMG!! Now, PETA has crossed the line! Not that they have never done it before, but they want to change the collective name of fish to "sea-kittens", in an attempt to get people to stop hooking, catching and eating fish! I read their article, I even flipped through their online "book" about "sea-kittens" and it is all so ridiculous!! This one I think even beats the campaign they were doing last year to stop Mexican immigrants from coming to this country because PETA said they would be "leaving behind a healthy diet of beans and rice". I tell you, I've been laughing at PETA for years now. They are too stupid for words! I am sorry to my supporters to say all this, but PETA just gets too silly sometimes. I have to air these feelings! Anyone else want to see the redundant article, go to www.peta.org/sea_kittens. I cannot believe people are actually still supporting this organization! I only hope INXS has stopped supporting them. Far as I know though, PETA forced themselves on INXS. But while you are on that page, get a load of that stupid online book they present.

PETA isn't going to ever stop me from eating meat, I love it. Including fish. I've had tuna steaks before and they are so GOOOOOOOOD!!!!! Believe me, I love animals. But some animals were made to be eaten. Like cattle. That's why they have such high reproductive rates. That's why it's natural for meat-eaters in the wild to feed on them. So I wonder what is going to be next? Maybe PETA will go to Africa and pass out fliers to all the troups of lions and hunting dogs begging them not to kill anymore antelope because they think lions and hunting dogs can benefit better by learning to eat a "healthy diet of grass and leaves". I can just see it now. The dogs and lions would be looking at PETA and saying "You've got to be kidding me!" Then they would say "kiss my ass!" just as I would!!

Yesterday when I was putting the dogs out, I noticed a dead mouse on our porch. Must have been killed by one of these stray cats prowling around out here. I don't mind them getting the mice if that's what turns them on, but I wish they would not leave their prey on my doorstep! They aren't even my cats!!! But that's not even the worst of it! When I got a closer look at the unfortunate animal, it looked like a deer mouse. The species famous for spreading the Huntavirus! That was scary! There has got to be more around here. That is really scary! One dry summer here and that disease could spread like wildfire. Already we had bulldozers break down the bushes around here and I knew that would mean trouble from the get-go. That's also a terrific way to spread huntavirus spores, and that can kill in a matter of hours. I just hope that no more construction goes on around here.
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