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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Site Repairs

I did a wee bit of repairs of my own on my UMG site. I had to put my knowledge of HTML to use today. But I fixed it so all the character intros can be accessed easily. The pictures and thumbnails have always been accessable, but you could not access the introductory paragraphs about each characters. With the exception of the first 10 or so on the front page. Now, you can see them all. At the base of each introduction, there is a link that says "To Next Character", just click on that and it will take you to the next character in the line-up. All the way down the line. It was actually easier to do that than I thought it would be!

I almost flew off the handle again! But I stopped myself. I joined this group devoted to INXS, and it was asked which band member do we love and why. Of course I said Tim because he is the sexiest and sweetest member of the band. So this other girl took my words I used to describe Tim to say Michael was the most sexy, sweetest and hottest soul ever and said "everyone knows it". Then started dissing JD's talent as a singer. I wanted to have words for her, and for a brief minute I did. But I took them back. I said to myself, "Nah! What I have to say would be considered cruel." So I just chalked it up to it being just her own opinion, deleted my comment and said nothing else. Besides, everyone knows Tim is the sexiest, and has the sexiest buns!! Michael was like me, he had no buns at all.


Freckle Face said...

Be careful joining a new group. I think it was the other blog you said that you get too worked up in forums, and get the anger issues, and that's why you were staying away from them. You might reconsider? If not, just be careful!!

Timgal said...

I'll be careful. I don't go in there much. In fact I haven't been in since yesterday. Haven't touched it at all today.