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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snake Charmer!

Ever since Steve Irwin's demise in 2006, these kind of performers have become quite popular. I vowed that I am going to see one of these shows even if it kills me! And it might!! I contacted a couple of people who do these kind of shows. So far I have heard nothing from anyone. I guess because my audience is so small, it's just me and Anna. They don't want to travel here just to perform a show for 2 people. I cannot say as I blame them, it really isn't worth it! So if I want to see a show like this, I'm gonna have to probably go to them!! There is one problem, most of them live in Florida or Texas or some place like that!! Either way, there are none here. I thought a live show like that would be great for my next birthday party! I always like doing the unique and unusual!

I know there is a snake-charmer from Texas who does his bit with rattlesnakes. I've seen him on TV several times too. I just cannot remember his name at the moment. Maybe not necessarily him, but I would love to see somebody like that doing a show like that. None of my other family will be there though, just me and Anna. We're the only ones in the family that really likes snakes. No one else in my family wants snakes in their zip code! There would be no way I could get them to come to a show with me. So the audience would be small, but it would be a very appreciative one. Maybe I could invite some friends to come with me. All but a couple of them don't like snakes either!! So finding someone else to go with me and Anna would be a big challenge! I want to see one of those kind of shows before I die though. If I have to go all the way south to do it then, one of these days maybe, so be it! But I don't really care for Florida, too much heat and humidity there, people say it'll kill you! Texas is also very hot! It's worse there than LA! All I remember when I was a kid and going to Lousiana to visit grandma was that I always wore shorts and tank tops. I don't even remember how hot it got there.

I want a show that is going to put me on the edge of my seat. Snakes are just scary enough for me! Especially like rattlesnakes! And I've always been fascinated by cobras. Poisonous snakes are really scary to me! Boas and pythons, as beautiful as they are and I do like them, they just wouldn't keep me on the edge of my seat the way wrestling a rattlesnake or a cobra would! That is why I would die to see one of those kind of shows. I used to always get that effect watching Steve Irwin do those kind of things with venomous snakes and crocodiles. Seeing a show like that in person would be a sight to behold. One thing I could say about Steve, he was good at it! He was the lucky one, IMO. He died doing what he loves. There is no better way to go than that. I've seen many people trying to imitate his act. As good as most of them have been, no one beats Steve! In this country there is one man who comes close. His name is David Weathers. I've seen his act on TV, and he is pretty good. Not "Steve Irwin" good, but good in his own way. But he too is in Florida. But he seems to be almost able to "hypnotize" snakes. That's a figure of speech BTW.

Well, some day, some time I would like to see one of these kinds of acts in person. I need a good rush of adrenaline. This would be just the thing to do it.

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