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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Brushfires in Australia

I cannot believe it....no wait, I CAN believe it! Australia is famous for having some weird occurings. Brushfires are actually quite common there as they are in California. When I first saw an article about Brushfires in Oz, the first thing that popped into my mind was my favorite men of INXS are there! Then I was praying to GOD that they and their families would be OK. But the fires are is southeastern Australia, I don't know if any of the guys live there, but if so, I do hope to GOD they and their families are OK. I think someone once told me one of the guys (I think it was Garry?) has a home in Melbourne. I don't know if that's true or not, or even if I heard correctly, but if it is true, I hope all is well with him. When I met him he was such a nice man! Though not a lot of fans would agree with me. But he never snubbed me, so I have no reason to think he's anything less than a good man. I loved the guy!! He was actually one of the guys that I hunkered to right off the bat! Him and Andrew. I don't think I would like Garry's new wife though, she's one of those ARA folks, probably supports PETA. But until I meet her, I cannot say with absolute certainty if I wouldn't like her. But if I do meet her, at least I know she's one of those ARAs, then I can at least have a little bit of an idea about what to expect. Forewarned is forearmed. Simple as that.

I do know some people (via online) who are from Victoria, the state that is on fire in Australia, and I do hope they are all OK. So far 14 people are dead, and that was what scared me. That and the fact that at first I thought the fires were in Sydney, because at the beginning of the article, it said "SYDNEY" in all caps! So it had me frozen in my seat there for a minute. I was just worried sick about my favorite men and their loved ones. Yes, their loved ones! The ones that keep them ticking. The ones that really encourage them to get out and make music, plan tours, chat with the fans, and more. I thought about them as well. And well, Timmy's youngest is such a nice-looking young man! hehe! When I saw his most recent pic, I realized how much he looks like Timmy, it made my eyes pop out!!! hehe!

Well, on a positive note, I did manage to create another little movie. It's another advertising movie for The Mischievous Mongoose on our UMG site. GOD I hope I spelled that right!! Came out pretty darned good if I do say so myself. Take a gander at this:

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